Who plays Kate Middleton in The Crown season 6?

Meet the new star behind a well-known Royal princess

A close up of Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton in a classroom. She has dark hair.
Meg Bellamy stars as Kate Middleton in The Crown season 6. (Netflix)

Part one of The Crown season 6 has finally arrived on Netflix, bringing us into a new, ’90s-set chapter of the Royal Family’s decades-long reign.

While Elizabeth Debicki’s final days as Princess Diana may be taking much of the focus, the late Princess of Wales is far from the only notable Royal featured in the show’s return. In fact, she’s not even the only Princess of Wales, with the series also introducing us to the current Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, back when she was just a student.

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It was at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland where a young Prince William first met Middleton back in 2001 and during the The Crown season 6, we’ll get to see a dramatised take on how that meet-cute went down.

As for the actor charged with bringing the iconic Duchess of Cambridge and now-Princess of Wales to life, that’s down to newcomer Meg Bellamy. Read on to discover some key facts about this new star and the career path that led her to becoming a (on-screen) future-Royal.

Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton and Ed McVey as Prince William in The Crown season 6
Bellamy with fellow newcomer Ed McVey, who plays Prince William. (Netflix)

Bellamy’s route to The Crown was far from typical. A former drama student and Head Girl at St. Crispin’s School in Wokingham, Berkshire, where she graduated with an A* grade, Bellamy spotted an open casting call for the series on social media and took it upon herself to send in a self-taped audition.

The show’s casting team were clearly impressed by it and offered her the role of a young Kate Middleton in the new season. When the news broke in September 2022, Bellamy was just 19 years old and the show became her first major professional role which she started shooting shortly after leaving higher education.

Bellamy posted about the casting news on her Instagram page and was quick to comment on the fortuitousness of the situation.

“Pinch me please..” she said in a photo caption. “So excited to announce that I will be playing Kate Middleton in Series 6 of Netflix’s The Crown. It is such an honour to be joining the most incredible cast and crew, and I will strive to do Kate justice.”

The Crown season 6 will see Bellamy act alongside fellow newcomer Ed McVey who bagged the role of Prince William in his student years although we’ll also see him as a 16-year-old played by Rufus Kampa.

Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey attend the premiere of The Crown season 6
Bellamy worked at Legoland as a performer before her big break. (WireImage)

The short answer? Probably nowhere. Bellamy’s role as a young Kate Middleton in The Crown season 6 is her big break and the most notable credit on her IMDB page so far.

Previously to this, Bellamy has starred in a short film called The Prince of Savile Row by filmmaker Patrick James Verlin but following her stint with the Royals, we’re sure the roles will soon start to flood in - so watch this space.

Previous to pursuing an acting career, Bellamy spent time working at Legoland as a performer, with the Daily Mail suggesting that she might have been one of the people inside costumes of fan-favourite Lego characters.

Meg Bellamy arrives at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2023
The Crown star has said she hopes she does Kate justice. (Getty)

Most of Bellamy’s comments about appearing in The Crown season 6 have come via her social media channels. Clearly an avid fashion fan, her Instagram followers have glimpsed her at various fashion events and launches since news of her latest role became public knowledge.

In addition to saying she hopes to do justice to Kate with her performance, Bellamy also shared a poster for the series saying she was “feelin all giddy” about its impending arrival.

The same post also confirmed that her take on Kate will appear in the series’ second batch of episodes which are out on Thursday 14 December.

Bellamy continued to hit home just how fresh her new career was in a recent picture celebrating the launch of season 6’s first four episodes, calling it “a surreal evening.”

The Crown season 6 part one is on Netflix now, with part two arriving on Thursday, 14 December.