Who will win The Traitors tonight? Meet the final five

The Traitors final sees five stars compete for the prize pot

Harry in his Traitors cloak
Who has the best chance of winning The Traitors tonight? Harry is the mastermind behind the traitors. (Studio Lambert)

The Traitors final is tonight and five contestants are competing to win the prize fund.

Tensions were rising in Ardross Castle, in the Scottish Highlands, as two faithfuls were out of the game ahead of the final. Zack was the latest to be murdered by the traitors amid fears he would rumble Andrew and Harry's true identities. Faithful Jasmine was banished at the roundtable after the group worried she had been arguing with Zack in recent days.

The final five can choose to end the game at any point once they are confident that the traitor or traitors have been banished from the game. There are two traitors left in the running to win, long-time traitor Harry and Andrew. If Harry and Andrew or one of them are left in the game when they decide to finish the game, the traitors will take all the money - leaving the faithfuls with nothing.

Will faithfuls Jaz, Evie and Mollie suspect Harry and Andrew of both being traitors? Who will win the prize pot? Each of the stars shared what winning the money would mean to them ahead of the final - making things even more tense as the second series comes to a close.

We take a look at the stars heading into the final after many players have already left The Traitors...


Harry is starring on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Harry is starring on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Name: Harry

Age: 22

Job title: British Army Engineer

Location: Slough

Traitor Harry took a risk when they recruited Ross before the semi-final. The British Army Engineer pretended to the group that the traitors had tried to murder him when he had won the shield in the challenge.

He had only shared he had the shield with a few of the faithfuls in the group - immediately putting suspicion on Ross, Evie and Jasmine. Traitor Ross and faithful Jasmine were both banished as a result of Harry's move. However, Jaz appears to be onto him. Will he be able to lie and deceive his way to the prize fund?

In the semi final, Harry admitted he had begun to feel bad about lying to people but he revealed the prize fund was now in sight. The traitor has talked previously about throwing Andrew to the wolves in the final to ensure he takes home the money. Harry has been a traitor since the beginning of the game and has impressed audiences at home with his manipulation. But will his latest plan work?


Andrew stars on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Andrew stars on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Name: Andrew

Age: 45

Job title: Insurance Broker

Location: Talbot Green

Traitor Andrew was recruited by Harry and Paul - with both secretly saying they would "throw him under the bus". However, it didn't pan out that way because Harry begun to suspect Paul and he got rid of him instead.

As a result, the TV star has found it hard to trust Harry and who can blame him? He begun to sow seeds with faithfuls Evie and Jaz about Harry being a traitor in the semi-final. Jaz who believes Harry could be a traitor chose to keep his cards close to his chest at this point. Is he playing with fire?

While Andrew knows he can't trust Harry, who is the same age as his son, will he escape the heat of the faithfuls himself? He was in the firing line after his heated debate with Ross at the roundtable. Fellow traitor and the latest recruit Ross was banished by the group but he wasn't going down without a fight.

Ross openly accused Andrew of trying to bring down Harry saying that he was being "elusive". The insurance broker tried to distance himself from this claim, questioning when had he ever used the word "elusive" before? But of course everyone at home knew Ross was telling the truth. Ross had such a huge reaction that left some faithfuls wondering whether Andrew could be a traitor.


Evie on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Evie on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Name: Evie

Age: 29

Job title: Veterinary Nurse

Location: Inverness

Faithful Evie had some heat on her when fellow faithful Jasmine was banished in the final roundtable in the semi-final. Evie, Jasmine and Ross were the three people that Harry had supposedly not told about having a shield. Of course, in reality, Harry is actually a traitor and this is a double bluff.

But Zack had a theory that put Evie, Jasmine and Ross in the firing line. While Zack was murdered, both Jasmine and Ross have been banished from the game on the back of this theory. Ross was a traitor but Jasmine was a faithful. Will Evie be able to persuade everyone she really is a faithful and perhaps this theory isn't right?


Mollie is a faithful on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Mollie is a faithful on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Name: Mollie

Age: 21

Job title: Disability Model

Location: Bristol

Faithful Mollie has her suspicions of traitor Andrew. She has been onto him after traitor Ross had a huge row with Andrew at the roundtable. Ross told the group how Andrew had tried to get him to turn on Harry but Andrew downright denied it saying he had never used the word "elusive" before. Mollie wasn't convinced by his protestations.

However, she has been friends with traitor Harry since the start of the game. In a piece to camera on Thursday's semi-final, the model admitted that she had her full trust in him. Viewers at home were shocked that Mollie trusted him so much.

Among the comments on social media platform X, one viewer shared their thoughts on this saying: "It's so naive of Mollie trusting Harry. There's something about their dynamic that makes me soo uncomfortable."

Another added: "Mollie needs to stop trusting Harry - you can’t trust anyone it’s called the Traitors for a reason…also what about Ross’s Easter Egg why has no one questioned that? Why would he kills his own mum?"


Jaz Singh has become one of the most popular contestants on The Traitors, earning the nickname Jazatha Christie on social media. (BBC)
Jaz Singh has become one of the most popular contestants on The Traitors, earning the nickname Jazatha Christie on social media. (BBC)

Name: Jaz

Age: 30

Job title: National Account Manager

Location: Manchester

Faithful Jaz has been suspicious of Harry's moves but he has mostly kept his theories to himself when he is not believed by the rest of the group. Will he have the courage to share his concerns in the final?

Social media went wild for his theory dubbing him "Jazatha Christie" as they shared their hopes that he would have his "Poirot moment". "I'm going to need Jazatha Christie to go full Poirot at the next round table and finally reveal all the evidence he has gathered about Harry," one fan wrote, among the sea of comments.

Another added: "Poirot always waits for the final moment to make his big old accusation speech. So, I'm hoping Jazatha Christie is just waiting for the final table to go feral."

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