Whoopi Goldberg announces new memoir

Whoopi Goldberg will release her memoir later this year, detailing her rise to fame.

The 68-year-old actress has spoken about her new book, Bits & Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me.

She told People magazine the "semi-autobiographical" tome is "dedicated to my mother and my brother and our time together as a small, funny little unit. It’s dedicated to anyone who’s found themselves on a scary path not of their choosing or dealing with loss."

The book will talk extensively about her childhood, particularly her life growing up with her mum in New York with her mum Emma Harris, who died in 2010, and older brother, Clyde K. Johnson, who died in 2015.

There's a focus on a time when Emma returned home from the hospital with no memory of her children, with a press release calling it "the exact moment the trajectory of Goldberg's life changed."

The View host has previously written several children's books, as well as adult self-help book, If Someone Says ‘You Complete Me’...Run!

Her memoir will be released on 7 May.