Whoopi Goldberg defends Catherine, Princess of Wales amid Photoshop scandal

Whoopi Goldberg has defended Catherine, Princess of Wales amid her Photoshop scandal.

The Princess of Wales made headlines on Monday after she apologised for editing a recently published photo of herself and her three children with her husband Prince William, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Shortly after the photo was released to mark Mother's Day in the U.K. on Sunday, social media users accused Catherine and William of releasing a doctored photo. The picture has since been retracted by several news agencies.

During Monday's episode of The View, Whoopi showed her support for Catherine.

"I'm sorry, I know very few people who don't manipulate their own photos," the TV personality said. "I mean all your gotta do is swipe. Those editors swipe, God knows people look how those photos look."

Whoopi's co-host Sara Haines then pointed out that there is a difference between "filtering" a photo and manipulating it.

The Sister Act star responded, "She's doing the same thing, she's doing the same thing!"

"You know what, I have to tell you, she may be the future queen, she's still an amateur photographer," Whoopi continued. "That's what they do!"

Co-host Ana Navarro then admitted to editing her own pictures.

"Listen, if manipulating pictures was a crime, the Kardashians, my best friend and I would be in jail for the rest of our lives," she joked.

"Didn't I just say that this is something that everyone does?" Whoopi replied. "Didn't I just say that people do this all the time?!"