Whoopi Goldberg reveals why she prefers being single: 'I sparkle when I am not in love!'

Whoopi Goldberg "sparkles" when she is not in love.

The 68-year-old actress was initially married to Alvin Martin in the 1970s, then to David Claessen in the late 1980s and lastly to Lyle Trachtenberg from 1994 until 1995 but admitted that while others might be happy when they are in relationships, she is more content on her own and has no plans to commit to anyone again.

Speaking on CBS Sunday Mornings, she explained: "I think other people seem to sparkle when they're in love, and I like to see that. But for me, I sparkle when I'm not in love, which is kind of okay. And the older I get, the happier I am. So just in case - and I'm directing this to folks who may want to write me on the Internet - here's the deal. I know how cute I am, so you don't have to tell me how I'm not attractive enough to have a boyfriend because, shockingly, I've had many."

Meanwhile, the 'Sister Act' star has served as host of 'The View' for nearly 20 years but was landed in hot water when she claimed that the Holocaust "was not about race" and even though she is "very confident", refused to give a specific answer when asked if she "regrets" her comments.

She said: "I'm very confident. But I'm also confident in the fact that I've made gigantic mistakes and I have stepped in lots of poo along the way. I'm in a quandary on how to answer that because people are waiting for me to say something. I said what I had to say, they suspended me. I respected what they said, I respected everybody's opinion. And if anyone is ever really interested in its entirety, they can look it up. But I will not put myself in that position again."