Whoopi Goldberg storms off ‘View’ stage – to rant at audience member!

Whoopi Goldberg stormed off the stage of ‘The View’ to tell off an audience member for filming it on his phone.

The outspoken ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ actress, 68, confronted the fan during the shooting of Tuesday’s (26.03.24) episode of the talk show, with the incident kicking off as Whoopi and her co-hosts discussed former US president Donald Trump getting his fraud case bond reduced.

As Sunny Hostin, 55, chatted about the news story, Whoopi told her to “hold on a second” before standing up and walking to the edge of the stage.

She was then seen saying: “Sir, I have to stop you with the camera, because I can see you.

“So do me a favour, don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that, thank you.”

The audience stayed quiet in shock for a few moments – before they broke into applause for Whoopi’s face-off.

Members of the audience watching the hit ABC show are barred from taking pictures or record videos of the series while it’s being shot – and are only allowed to snap images at certain times when filming isn’t happening.

Whoopi – who is renowned for leaving the stage of ‘The View’ if topics don’t interest her – got irked again during Tuesday’s shoot when producers wanted to cut her off.

They had wanted Sunny to read out a legal notice about Trump, 77, denying all accusations against him and saying he had said he was not guilty on “all 88 charges” against him.

Whoopi told a producer who was off-camera about their colleague: “I’m gonna get to her, my God! Guys, I am going to get to her.

“May I finish my point or do you want me to just jump now?”

Co-host Joy Behar, 81, joked: “Whoopi is not in the mood today for your shenanigans!”

Whoopi agreed: “I’m not, I’m not,” before adding: “I’m trying to do everything everybody wants, but you know, never mind. Go ahead, Sunny.”

Sunny then took over and informed viewers she had a “legal notice” – prompting Whoopi to sneer: “No kidding.”