Whose Line Is It Anyway? ending after 19 seasons

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming to an end credit:Bang Showbiz
Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming to an end credit:Bang Showbiz

'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' is to end after 19 seasons.

The improvisational comedy - which is the American version of the classic British sitcom - first aired from 1998 until 2007 before being revived in 2013 but actor Colin Mochrie announced that the show will begin shooting its final season in January 2023.

He tweeted: "Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying the current season of Whose Line. In January, we shoot our final season. Thank you all for the support over the years."

Host Aisha Tyler quoted Colin's tweet and emblazoned the post with a string of red heart emojis but no other members of the cast - which includes the likes of Wayne Brady or Ryan Stiles - appear to have commented publicly on the cancellation.

The current season of the long-running series - which started up on ABC before moving over to The CW - has included guest stars Padma Lakshmi, Darren Criss, and Gary Anthony Williams and is currently four episodes into its last season.

The original version of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' - which followed four performers conducting a series of short-form improvisation games in front of an audience - first aired in the UK from 1998 until 1999 and was presented by Clive Anderson.

Last month, Colin explained that the show is "very special" to him because of the friendships he has built during its long run.

He said: "It has certainly given all of us a career and a chance to be able to do this. Personally, all these guys are like my best friend. I grew up with Ryan so I've known him the longest. Greg was the first American I met when we did the British version. We've all become really good friends and really enjoy each other. Professionally, the fact that I'm making a living doing something that didn't exist when I was growing up constantly amazes me. 'Whose LIne' is very special to me."