Why The 1% Club's not on tonight as ITV pulls quiz show from schedule

ITV will air Casino Royale, the mid-2000s James Bond classic starring Daniel Craig, followed by the ITV News at 10.40pm once the movie - which starts at 8pm - has aired.
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The 1% Club has been abruptly removed from the schedule and taken off air, leaving viewers questioning 'what are we going to watch'. This Saturday, ITV will broadcast Casino Royale, the mid-2000s James Bond classic featuring Daniel Craig, followed by the ITV News at 10.40pm once the film - which begins at 8pm - has concluded.

It'll be Alright on the Night is set to air at 11pm, meaning there's no room for Britain's Got Talent or The 1% Club.

This comes as the BBC broadcasts a movie-length, marathon Eurovision Song Contest show, from 8pm until midnight. with the UK competing against countries such as France, Croatia, Ireland and more in Sweden.

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Participants representing nations from all over Europe and beyond will perform original songs live. Each country awards points to determine the winner. The Beeb provides live coverage of the 68th annual Eurovision Song Contest from the Malmo Arena in Sweden - marking 50 years since Abba, the nation's most renowned musical exports, won the trophy with Waterloo, making them the most successful Eurovision act of all time.

The show is hosted by Hollywood actress Malin Akerman and Eurovision veteran Petra Mede, with the ever-present BBC commentary from Graham Norton. He'll undoubtedly be championing UK entry Olly Alexander, with his song Dizzy, and Irish act Bambie Thug.

Announcing a pause, ITV's The 1% Club official Twitter handle proclaimed: "Thanks for watching. WE LOVE PLAYING ALONG WITH EVERYONE. No show next week but back on after that. See you soon #The1PercentClub."

Raising the question, a devotee pondered, "what am i gonna watch instead," while Trey dramatically reacted: "WHAT."

Alex chimed in with a disheartened: "Oh man." And another fan lamented: "No! What are we going to watch? " ITV The 1% Club episodes can be accessed for catching up via the ITV hub.