Why B*Witched 'never thought' signature track C'est La Vie would become a success

B*Witched will be playing the Superboxx Festival in Kent on Saturday credit:Bang Showbiz
B*Witched will be playing the Superboxx Festival in Kent on Saturday credit:Bang Showbiz

B*Witched "never thought" 'C'est La Vie' would be such a success.

The Irish girl group - which consists of twins Edele and Keavy Lynch as well as Lindsay Armaou and Sinéad O'Carroll - released the now-classic pop track as their debut single in 1998 but never imagined it would go straight in at the top of the charts.

Keavy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We were very young. We hadn't really had much experience of the industry other than we were only starting. We were hoping for a Top 20. So when it was mid week, we found out that we were number one. And we were like, ‘Is this a joke?’

We never even thought that it might happen. "That's not something we were reaching for or thought that we could attain that, though on the Wednesday, that's when you did have mid weeks on Wednesdays.

"And it was like a phone number you called. Now, you have the chart position, every minute of every day and it changes leaps around when you look online."

The 'Blame It On the Weatherman' hitmakers - who split in 2001 but got back together in 2012 - will be performing their signature track when they take to the stage at the Superboxx Festival on Saturday (06.07.24) and Keavy promised that the group will be donning their signature denim and executing their famous Irish jig for the occasion.

She said: "Can you imagine if we came out and said ‘We don’t do ‘C’est La Vie’ anymore guys?! We’ve got some new stuff. We've got some covers, then some old stuff. Yeah, I have to say our live show is…it’s one of the things that we really take pride in. We've always put a lot of work into it. We enjoy it and I think because we enjoy it so much the engagement, the engagement for the audience. It just lifts everything for the audience. And there will be double denim, there will be Irish dancing.

"I have to say it is the easiest...people always say ‘Are you not sick of it?’ No! It's easy. It's like having a uniform. So you don't have to think, well, we've probably easier back in the day when we were doing 16 hours a day just increases denim on and you're ready for work.

"No, mostly, we do the work. So we have our denim customized and we have to think about it in in that sense, but it's just one of those things. We steered away from it for a little bit now and again, but it disappoints people."

Bewitched play Superboxx Festival on Saturday 6th July at Rochester Castle, Kent.

Tickets here: https://rochestercastlelive.com/

Line up includes: Eternal, Bewitched, Phats and Small, Rozalla, Baby D, Ricky and Melvin and many more for a nostalgic day of pop and dance on the banks of the River Medway.

Superboxx is part of a three day event at Rochester Castle Live which includes performances from UB40 Feat Ali Campbell and The Kaiser Chiefs across the weekend.