Why Blake Lively skipped the 2024 Met Gala (we're taking it personally)

Why Blake Lively skipped the 2024 Met Gala (we're taking it personally)

There are several celebrities without whomst the Met Gala simply isn’t the same — including but not limited to Rihanna, Jared Leto (due to his always unhinged outfits), and Blake Lively.

Sadly, none of these A-listers appeared at tonight’s event (we don’t see ourselves recovering anytime soon), but right now, we’re here to talk about Blake’s absence. The Gossip Girl star has been to the Met Gala 10 times, and this year marked her second skip in a row.

A refresher that the actor skipped the Met Gala last year and shared a photo of herself at home pumping with the caption 'First Monday in May.' Tbh, the celeb probs spent this year in as well given the fact that her youngest bb is still, well, young! Of course, there could be a multitude of other reasons too, and sadly Blake hasn't confirmed why yet.

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The actor stepped out in New York City last week [Thursday 2 May] to celebrate Pharrell Williams's launch of the new Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection at Tiffany & Co, which fans hoped would be sure fire proof that she was heading to the Gala this year.

Blake was last at the Met Gala in 2022 and showed up in a Versace dress inspired by the Statue of Liberty. As she put it to Vogue, “Instead of looking at Gilded Age fashion, I wanted to look at architecture. New York has been a critical part of who I am…so I thought I would love to arrive in a copper dress and have it patina as I ascend the red carpet. Instead of me performing, I wanted the dress to perform.”

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But Blake’s favourite Met Gala look of all time? That’d be the other iconic Versace dress she wore to 2018’s Heavenly Bodies, which she revealed she got “very involved in the design of...I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Virgo or if I need a life.”

The taste level!

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