Why Christian Horner is JEALOUS of Toto Wolff as Red Bull team being 'ripped apart' by internal spat

Christian Horner
Christian Horner and Toto Wolff -Credit:No credit

Johnny Herbert has blasted Christian Horner for his continuous digs at Toto Wolff amidst internal turmoil at Red Bull, saying the team is being "ripped apart".

The rivalry between the two Formula One heavyweights has been intense as they vie for dominance in the sport. Red Bull and Mercedes have dominated the Drivers' Championship since 2010. Red Bull has clinched the title in the last two seasons and are on track for a third consecutive win with Max Verstappen's stellar performances.

However, despite their success on the track, Red Bull is facing challenges off it. Horner was recently embroiled in an 'inappropriate behaviour' probe but was cleared of any wrongdoing. With Adrian Newey set to depart and Max Verstappen's future uncertain, Herbert has suggested that Horner should focus on his own house rather than throwing barbs at Wolff, reports the Mirror. Herbert told FPOC: "What annoys me about Horner is that all his stupid taunts fired at Toto Wolff suggest he is jealous of him.

"Toto is in control at Mercedes but for Christian it is not quite the same. He is not the boss. Toto decides what happens at the team."

There has been much talk about the friction within Red Bull in recent weeks with many questioning the internal dynamics of the team. One expert commented "As things stand at the moment they have the best driver, the best car, the best designer in the best team and it is being utterly ripped apart. It seems ridiculous that it has gotten to this point where it is about power and control, when what the team already has is outstanding in the first place. Why seek to change all that and allow this friction to be created because of one man? "

He continued "Dietrich Mateschitz would be utterly devastated that people he put into the big positions, who he trusted to make the team function, have allowed this to happen. He will be looking down from heaven wondering: 'What the hell are these people doing?'

"He would be very surprised that this internal split has occurred with Christian siding with Chalerm Yoovidhya, the majority owner and the Austrians. Austria is where the main assets lie, where the power and the base are and where it all started and the national anthem which is played when they win. That is being ripped apart."

Red Bull will look to respond this week with another positive result this weekend. After a two-week break, F1 returns to America for the Miami Grand Prix. Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez were at the heart of an impressive Red Bull one-two last year en route to yet another Drivers' and Constructors' Championship double.