Why Coldplay will only keep a fraction of their massive Glastonbury fee

Coldplay's Chris Martin on stage at Glastonbury 2024
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

In a lucrative deal, Coldplay is set to rake in an estimated £200,000 for their performance at Glastonbury. Still, they're unlikely to pocket much of that cash as same as Dua Lipa, the majority will be reinvested into their staging, set and production.

Coldplay's wallet won't take too hard of a hit though - thanks to an ongoing tour, they can utilise their current crew instead of hiring new hands. Add to that reduced rehearsal time costs, and they're looking at some savvy savings.

However, compared to the rewards available at other festivals, like BST Hyde Park, Glastonbury's payout pales in comparison. Some top acts there command up to four times that amount. An insider stated: "A lot of acts take the lower fee for the publicity not least as they are guaranteed an audience on the BBC."

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Coldplay are the first band ever to headline Glastonbury Festival five times. Their performance this Saturday marks their return to the Pyramid Stage since 2016, surpassing The Cure, who has so far headlined four times, reports the Mirror.

Firebrand frontman Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, drummer Will Champion, and bassist Guy Berryman will hit the stage after pop sensation Dua Lipa's scintillating Friday headline act, where she dazzled with her hit parade, slick dance moves, and a series of costume changes. There's a buzz around that Coldplay might bring along some special guests for tonight's show.

Keane is one band that's been brought up in speculation, with them already being present on site after their earlier set on the Pyramid Stage. The connection between Tim Rice-Oxley of Keane and Chris Martin of Coldplay, who were university mates, adds fuel to this theory.

Rice-Oxley was even almost snatched up by Coldplay during their early years. There's potential for him to share the stage with Tom Chaplin, Keane's lead vocalist.

Janelle Monae's name has also found its way into the rounds of speculation. Monae supported Coldplay on their most recent tour and is presently touring in the UK.

Despite having a scheduled performance at Glastonbury tomorrow (Sunday) and a confirmed gig at Brixton Academy tonight, fans are speculating that she might surprise show-goers by showing up at Coldplay's late-night set, ending at 11.45pm.

Additionally, Jin from the global phenomenon BTS is apparently a potential guest. In recent times, Coldplay and BTS came together for "My Universe", and Chris Martin and Jin co-penned "The Astronaut".

The duo's close relationship further solidifies this speculation.

Tim Booth, frontman of the band James, could be another possible guest. In the past, Coldplay performed James' hit "Sit Down" during their 'Music Of The Spheres' tour and the bands have shown camaraderie on stage.

Plus, given that James is also expected at Glastonbury tomorrow, chances of an appearance are ripe. Martin being an admirer of James - to the point of being star-struck by Booth - strengthens this theory.