Why Country Singer Margo Price Got a Nose Job: 'I Was Bullied Online Constantly'

"Since my career has taken off, I have often wanted to just disappear from existence," Price wrote on her Substack of how her appearance has affected her mental health

<p>Mickey Bernal/Getty; Margo Price/Instagram</p> Margo Price

Mickey Bernal/Getty; Margo Price/Instagram

Margo Price

Musician Margo Price is getting candid about her cosmetic surgery.

Price, 41, shared on Substack on July 10 that she'd undergone sinus surgery, septoplasty and rhinoplasty after years of not being able to breathe properly, several broken noses and dealing with bullying over her appearance.

"I was bullied online constantly and every time I did any kind of TV appearance, or said something politically that might not align with my fan base, the trolls would come for me," the country singer wrote in the piece titled As Plain as the Nose on My Face. "It was deeply painful. Since my career has taken off, I have often wanted to just disappear from existence."

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But while the bullying over her appearance was something she said she could learn to live with, it was the intense sinus pressure that became almost debilitating. Price said her blocked sinuses were causing migraines, blurry vision, impaired hearing and labored breathing that were affecting her career and everyday life.

Price, who also wrote about her early days of drinking and drug use (which led to some of her broken noses) wrote that at one point, the pressure inside her head was so intense that she thought her eardrum "was going to rupture." Price later found out it was all down to blockage and bone spurs — and she joked that while she was getting all that fixed, she may as well take care of the cosmetic surgery at the same time.

"Growing up as a young girl, I fell prey to all of the subliminal messaging this society sends us in the media. I got the message that if a girl was not beautiful, you had no worth. It’s very painful to feel like you’re not good enough and you’ll never be good enough because of the way you look," she wrote of wanting to fix her always-crooked nose. "But no make up, no clothing and no hair style would ever make me good enough because my problem was smack dab in the middle of my face."

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<p>Margo Price/Instagram</p> Margo Price after her surgery

Margo Price/Instagram

Margo Price after her surgery

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Price worked with two doctors — Dr. Shawn Nasseri and Dr. Jason Champagne — for her procedures. She revealed that three months post-op, she's breathing and singing "better than ever."

"I was so terrified that my vocals would sound different but it wasn’t the case at all," she admitted. "As far as my self image and self acceptance, that’s another story. I am trying to learn how to love my new self but it’s not been an easy road. I thought that 'fixing my nose' was going to solve everything but it was much more complicated than that. Women are designed to fail. You’ll be shamed for being ugly, then you’ll be called fake and shamed for having work done. We can’t win."

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Price candidly admitted that even after her surgeries, she struggled deeply with her mental health and wanted to be open about it because she has fans who look up to her. She shared that her loved ones have been helping her stay strong — and her so has her music.

"Music has always been the thing that has saved me and helped me process my feelings and I don’t know where I’d be today without it," she wrote.

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