Why Kyogo narrative outshines Cyriel Dessers despite Rangers star outscoring Celtic hero

Kris Boyd reckons cutting the mustard in big games is what separates Kyogo from Cyriel Dessers.

Dessers has been much maligned this season since signing for Rangers for £4.5million from Cremonese in the summer. He's missed some big opportunities, including at Ross County where Gers' title chase faltered, but at the same time has hit 19 goals and fired his team to the Scottish Cup final with a double at the weekend.

All the while, Kyogo isn't having his best season for Celtic but is still held in a higher regard than the Nigerian. The Japanese forward has 11 Premiership goals, 16 in all competitions as his strike rate falls behind what it was during his first two spectacular campaigns in the hoops.

But Boyd says he has delivered time and again on the big occasion and Dessers hasn't done that enough despite his semi-final showing at the weekend.

He said: “Dessers has been battered from pillar to post but he’s still got more goals than Kyogo, yet he gets hailed as a hero. The flip side is that Kyogo’s done it in big games.

“Dessers has got the two goals that have taken Rangers to a cup final, so he’s scored important goals. But you just feel he should have had more and you’d expect it to be more. I think 19 goals is a decent return, but what could it have been?

“I don’t look at Dessers and view him as an out-and-out finisher. But he does have his strengths and he’s grown on me from when he first came in.

"People say it takes time to settle at the Old Firm. But you don’t get time, especially when you’re trying to derail Celtic at the top of the table. But it’s not as if missing opportunities has fazed him.

“There’s a lot to like about Dessers but I say it again, he could have had more. I don’t see anything changing with him. He might score a goal or two for Rangers this weekend and miss three or four chances. That wouldn’t surprise me.

"That’s what you’ve got and, without being disrespectful to him, that’s why he is where he is.”

Boyd continued: "The be-all and end-all for a striker is scoring goals. That’s particularly the case at Rangers and Celtic.

“Dessers has 19 goals, so he’s doing that. But then every time you leave a match, every time you pick up a paper or tune into a radio station, all the talk is about the chances that he’s missed. We’re all guilty of it.

“You go back to the Ross County game, and had his chance up there gone in, Rangers would probably have gone on and won that game.

“He had another opportunity at Hampden on Sunday to score a hat-trick. I get you can’t score every opportunity, but these are glaring misses that we’re talking about.

“When you’re in a team that creates the number of chances Rangers and Celtic do, you expect more."

Kris Boyd was speaking at The Kris Boyd Charity Golf Day at Trump Turnberry. Kris has been raising awareness of Mental Health and funds to help people in need for seven years.