Why no concern at prisoners being paid just 50p an hour to work?

<span>Photograph: Justin Nugent/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Justin Nugent/Alamy

Reading another article about Chinese prisoners possibly making products for sale in the UK (Chinese prisoner’s ID card apparently found in lining of Regatta coat, 1 December), I wonder why there is no concern that British prisoners are forced to work for UK companies for about 50p an hour? This work provides no training for release and serves only to enrich private prison contractors.
David Adams
Darlington, County Durham

• How appropriate that on the day you note that Katherine Rundell, the author of The Golden Mole, has won the Waterstones book award with Impossible Creatures (Report, 30 November), we also learn of a golden mole reappearing after being feared extinct (Report, 30 November).
Jim Golcher
Greens Norton, Northamptonshire

• How appropriate that the article (3 December) reporting the progress of London’s Garrick Club towards admitting women is by Amelia Gentleman.
Michael Fuller
Harpenden, Hertfordshire

• It appears to have cost £13.7m to keep two pandas in the UK for 12 years (‘Rock star of an animal’: Edinburgh zoo’s pandas to return to China, 1 December). How many food banks could this have financed?
Ann Newell
Thame, Oxfordshire

• Following several recent letters on the irritation of low-frequency noises, may I suggest that this subject is becoming a bit ho-hum?
Dr Jonathan J Ross

• Levelling up clearly isn’t working: every London club was drawn at home in the FA Cup third round.
Tony Ingham
Goosnargh, Lancashire

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