Why 'passport bros' seek relationships in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America


A growing number of American and European men, known as "passport bros," are turning away from local dating scenes, opting to seek relationships abroad.

The passport bro phenomenon: Passport bros are drawn to regions like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America in purported search of women with perceived conservative values, a focus on family and a belief in traditional relationships. The recent rise of remote work and changes in dating patterns since the pandemic have also accelerated a broader trend of increased cross-border connections.

Disconnect with locals: Experts suggest that these men are driven by the belief that Western women are negatively influenced by societal pressures, hindering genuine connections.

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"Many passport bros express a sense of disconnection from the dating culture in their home country, which they perceive as being influenced by elements they find unappealing, such as excessive feminism, materialism, and a perceived lack of commitment and loyalty in relationships," education expert Dr. James Braham told Fox News.

The passport bro lifestyle: While some express support for the passport bro lifestyle because of its perceived benefits, including lower costs of living, critics warn of potential negative ramifications. Relationship experts caution against ignoring the challenges of cross-cultural relationships and stress the importance of open communication.

Viral movement: The trend has become a viral movement on social media, with the hashtag #passportbros amassing over 470 million views on TikTok. This has thrust passport pros into the spotlight, sparking discussions on cultural perceptions, relationships and the motivations behind the movement.

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Motivations and criticisms: Passport bros cite several reasons for their unconventional approach, including the allure of an American accent abroad, engaging dates that showcase cultural richness, and the perception of Americans as financially appealing.

However, critics argue that the movement perpetuates unequal power dynamics, objectifies women and reduces them to stereotypes. Some even link the movement to sexist ideas, claiming it stems from negative perceptions of American women and may lead to exploitative behavior.

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