Why Prince Louis was always destined to be the Royal Family’s ‘wild child’, according to a royal expert

 Prince Louis at Kings' Trooping the Colour.
Prince Louis at Kings' Trooping the Colour.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's youngest son Prince Louis has made a name for himself as the family's cheekily mischievous ‘wild child’ - and according to Princess Diana's beloved astrologer, he was always destined to 'shake things up.'

As Prince Louis gears up to celebrate his sixth birthday, waiting in anticipation to rip open the best toys for six year olds that he's no doubt hoping to receive on the special day, experts and royal fans alike are similarly excited to see the young royal's birthday portrait - though his parents may break the longstanding photograph tradition this year.

But whether we do or don't get a picture of him taken by Kate Middleton to mark the day, there will be plenty to talk about when it comes to Prince Louis.

He's made a name for himself with his cheeky behaviour during royal events, winning over the public with his mischievous antics and playful nature. And now his late grandmother Princess Diana's astrologer has revealed that the youngster was always destined to be the fun-loving royal who, while he sits fourth in the royal line of succession, catches attention from the public.

"Prince Louis, like his sister Princess Charlotte and his great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, is a Sun sign Taurus," astrologer Debbie Frank told HELLO! Magazine. Yet, while he shares the sign with some family members, she says, "Louis is born to be his own person.

"His birth chart doesn't share the astrological blueprint usually associated with the steadfast, sensible sign of Taurus. Louis' Taurus qualities are overlit by Uranus, the wild child planet, which was positioned close to his Sun when he was born."

The addition of the 'wild child' planet in his birth chart, according to the expert, means that Louis 'is disinclined to follow the herd' and will happily deviate from royal protocol to get a laugh and have some fun - so it's no surprise he had a whole host of memorable moments throughout 2023. "He is likely to shake things up, add some mischief and disruption into the mix," she adds.

This free spirited nature is perfect for Louis as he happily sits behind his brother Prince George and sister Charlotte in the royal line of succession, giving him 'some poetic licence to fulfil a rather different life purpose than his siblings,' the expert says.

Plus, he's the third child. "Which is just as well," Frank adds, "as he wants to do things his way. And he has a wilful streak.

"He's so engaging, playful, cheeky, and utterly himself that people fall in love with his court jester antics. He is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's faces, even though he is openly seen to remonstrate with his parents at royal events.

"His is an affectionate and loving personality with Venus in Taurus, Cancer rising, and the Moon in Leo. He is a crowd pleaser even though he breaks the royal mould. Adorable and engaging, he is easily forgiven, and his attractive personality magnetises a lot of attention."

But while the public loves his playful behaviour, the expert has revealed that some of his traits may make his mum Kate Middleton a little frustrated at times. "Undoubtedly, Louis' determined Mars in Capricorn creates a fractious frisson with Kate's Sun in the same sign," she says. "He is the one person who can make her lose her cool! Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a challenge for her."

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