Why we think Belfast is a brilliant city for your next night out

Belfast might be small in comparison to some of the other UK cities, but we think she is mighty.

That's why when we heard Belfast was ranked one of the worst cities in the UK for a night out, we were frankly offended.

New research analysed several of the UK’s major party cities, evaluating them based on their number of pubs, hotels, bars, and nightclubs per 10,000 residents.

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The study also examined the average price of a pint and hotel stay and these factors were rated on a scale of ten to reveal the worst cities for a night out in the UK.

Belfast came in at number three and we think that is a disservice to our fantastic hospitality industry.

Yes, the price of a pint continues to creep up and our public transport may clock off slightly too early for ravers and clubbers but there are so many fantastic aspects of our city's nightlife that make it right up there with the best of the best.

We feel that Belfast has not been given the justice it deserves so have comprised a list of reasons why it is a brilliant city for a night out:

Our endless list of top-class bars and venues

Eugene and Roisin Corr enjoying The Duke Of York in Belfast. -Credit:Justin Kernoghan/Belfast Live
Eugene and Roisin Corr enjoying The Duke Of York in Belfast. -Credit:Justin Kernoghan/Belfast Live

Belfast's hospitality industry is incredibly diverse with so many unique establishments making the city a stand out for a night out.

Whether be pints in Whites Tavern, a dance to the music at the Harp Bar or a boozy cocktail at Rita's - every corner of the city is bursting with pubs and bars to please everyone.

We'd be here all night trying to list all the spots for a bar crawl in Belfast!

The proximity of all your favourite spots

Belfast is a walking city - most places are within a short distance of the next, perfect for a pub crawl.

It may be small but this necessarily does not mean it is a bad thing.

The Cathedral Quarter, Belfast's nightlife hotspot, has some of the city's most popular spots within minutes of one another.

Also, if you want to head from one end of the city to the other, a short taxi journey will have you ready to party at the next spot in no time.

Mouthwatering restaurants by the bundle

Orto Belfast
Cathedral Quarter in Belfast city centre

From Michelin-star restaurants to delicious street food spots, one thing you won't go in Belfast is hungry.

Your parents always warned you not to drink on an empty stomach and the fantastic food spots across the city will sort you right out.

Pizza and beer at Orto, cocktails and street food at Common Market or Trademarket and a bottle of wine (or two) and tapas at 2Taps are not to be missed.

Our Belfast Charm

Orto Belfast -Credit:Orto Belfast/Facebook
Orto Belfast -Credit:Orto Belfast/Facebook

There is just something about the nightlife in Belfast that makes it a city like no other.

Whether it be the colourful characters you meet along the way, the unique pubs nestled into entries and alleyways or the beauty of the city itself, who needs a trip away when Belfast is on your doorstep!

Our incredible live music offering

Bittles bar in Belfast -Credit:Presseye
Bittles bar in Belfast -Credit:Presseye

From The Dirty Onion to Maddens Bar to Revolucion de Cuba, nothing beats sipping drinks and tapping your feet on a night out.

Whether it be a full band, a chilled out one-piece or a traditional music session, Belfast has some serious talent that plays across its bars and make the atmosphere even more electric.

With local venues such as Limelight and Voodoo putting on some seriously impressive gigs, we are shocked that Belfast was ranked so badly.

Clubs to show off those killer dance moves

Crowds at 30 Plus club at Belfast's Limelight
Dea Matrona -Credit:Jane Donnelly

If it's dancing your heart out until your feet can't take anymore that you want, it is what you will get at some of Belfast's best nightclubs.

Institutions like Thompsons and Limelight have weekly club nights with something to suit everyone while the likes of the Telegraph Building put on some unmissable rave events.

There are now even strictly over 30s club nights for those who want to avoid the students while still enjoying that nightclub excitement.

The post-night out takeaway

(Arguably sometimes the best part of a night out)

You may have been planning on getting that pizza since you started getting ready or just happened to stumble across an open takeaway on your way home, but food after a night out always hits differently.

And fortunately for us, Belfast is hiving with delicious takeaways that can provide the good after a night on the drink or after you've danced the night away.

Little Italy anyone?

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