As Wicked Wraps Filming, Cynthia Erivo Shares BTS Image Of Her Flying On A Broom As Elphaba

 Cynthia Erivo in a concrete room with a look of worry in Luther: The Fallen Sun.
Cynthia Erivo in a concrete room with a look of worry in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

A movie adaptation of Wicked has been in development at Universal Pictures for over a decade now, but the production can finally say it’s really coming soon to theaters! After the shoot (which is set to be a pair of movies rather than just one) was previously delayed by COVID-19 and the SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s a wrap on Wicked, and Cynthia Erivo is celebrating with a behind-the-scenes photo of her Elphaba flying on a broom.

The talented actress, who is set to lead the Wicked cast as the Wicked Witch of the West, took to Instagram Friday to share a set photo of herself as Elphaba. Check it out:

While it’s just Cynthia Erivo’s shadow, one can see a clear outline of her as Elphaba, in a hat, cape and heels that looks just right to depict the Wizard of Oz villain. It looks like Erivo was up on wires on a soundstage for the shot as the actress shared that playing the part has been the ”grandest gift I could have ever asked for.”

Erivo shared the BTS image as the Wicked productions have wrapped after a long shoot in England. The movie started rolling cameras in November 2022 before filming was suspended in July 2023 due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. This month, the production has picked back up, and the cast is now celebrating the end of the shooting process. As Erivo hangs up her hat, she shared words of gratitude over being able to portray the role that also continues to run on Broadway after over two decades. Additionally, her co-star Jonathan Bailey joined her with this post:

Jonathan Bailey, who famously starred in Bridgerton Season 2, is set to play Fiyero in the Wicked movies, who is the love interest that drives a wedge in between Elphaba and Glinda’s friendship. Prior to Erivo and Bailey’s posts, Ariana Grande (who will play the Good Witch), started this shadow Wicked trend alongside lyrics from the Broadway show. Check it:

The lyrics are from “For Good,” which is one of the final songs in the Wicked Broadway soundtrack and among the most emotional. Previously, Erivo has teased that the Wicked movies and the musical are like apples and oranges because the movie will draw more from the book it's based on and delve more into Glinda and Elphaba’s psyches. She has also shared that filming the number for “I’m Not That Girl” was a particularly emotional day on set.

These behind-the-scenes images are not a lot to go on, but certainly enough to get us more excited about the Wicked movies being closer to coming to the big screen. The first Wicked movie will be among 2024 releases, with its arrival date set for November 27, whereas the second part will come out a year later on November 26.