Wife Records Adorable Greyhound Sitting Like a Baby on Husband's Lap During Flight

A sweet two-year-old Italian greyhound was recorded sitting like a baby on his owner’s lap during a flight home from their summer holidays in Europe, video shared to Instagram shows.

Footage recorded by Nora Nogradi Taylor shows Enzo the greyhound getting cozy with her partner as they were flying back to the United Arab Emirates from Manchester, England.

“He travels in his comfy carrier bag normally, but halfway through the ride asked for a cuddle. He is very quiet and well-behaved and just the easiest dog to travel with,” Taylor told Storyful.

Taylor told Storyful that Enzo has visited Hungary, Finland, Estonia, and Holland all within the past two years. Taylor added that he even gets his own seat on Etihad Airways. Credit: Nora Nogradi Taylor via Storyful

Video transcript