Wild video shows Florida police officers wrangling a huge alligator in the middle of the street

A Tampa police officer wrangles an alligator in the middle of the street.
A Tampa police officer wrangles an alligator in the middle of the street.Tampa Police Department
  • Tampa Police responded to and wrangled a massive gator in the middle of the road.

  • A video posted to the department's YouTube shows a group of cops wrangling a "growling gator."

  • Eventually, they secure the reptile, which was then taken to "find a more suitable home."

A video posted by the Tampa Police Department shows brave officers from the force wrangling a massive alligator in the middle of a Florida street.

The video, aptly titled, "See You Later, Alligator......" was posted to the department's YouTube page Thursday and shows officers responding to a rogue gator "roaming the streets near W. Kathleen St. and N. Howard Ave.," the description of the YouTube video said.

Police found the gator in the street at about 1 a.m. local time on Wednesday and estimated the animal was about 10 feet long.




An officer first tries to get the gator's attention, but it turns around, bears its teeth, and hisses at the cop, video shows.

The cop keeps poking the gator with his baton, but it refuses to move from its spot in the street.

After a few more tries — and a few more hisses from the grumpy gator — the officer grabs the reptile by the tail to get it to move, video shows.

A second officer then joins in, and the pair loop a rope around the alligator's snout to keep it from snapping at them.

But dragging it alone wasn't going to do the trick.

Video shows the first officer pouncing on the gator and putting his body weight over the massive reptile's head and body to stop it from thrashing.

He asks for a towel to cover the gator's eyes — "so he chills out" — as he holds his hands over the beast's snout to keep its mouth closed.

A group of cops approaches to wrap up the alligator's mouth and limbs with duct tape, video shows.

The gator remains calm as officers are on top of it but then begins to hiss and thrash more when they are securing its back legs.

"He's warming back up," one of the officers warned.

Ultimately, Tampa police said the cops secured the "growling gator" and the reptile was "taken for a ride by our partners from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to find a more suitable home."

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