Wildlife photographer captures amazing images of lions having a nap - in the branches of a tree

Wildlife snapper Vince Burton captured this lioness draped over the branch of a tree (Picture: SWNS)

It’s always hard to choose where to have a catnap, and these lions found the most unlikely spot - in the branches of a tree.

The animals were snapped perching precariously in the branches of trees as they had an afternoon snooze.

Images captured by wildlife photographer Vince Burton show the big cats high up on the boughs, with one male draped across two branches.

Another shows two females wedges almost upright as they have a snooze.

The animals were captured draped along branches as they have a snooze (Picture: SWNS)
One picture shows one of the lions dangling precariously from the bough of a tree (Picture: SWNS)

The images were taken by wildlife snapper Vince Burton in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

Vince, from North Tuddenham in Norfolk, said: "Lions are not known for their tree climbing abilities, unlike other big cats such as leopards.


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"Lions tend to be heavier and to a certain extent clumsier. However, these lions in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda have adapted and use the tree climbing to cool down in the warm afternoon sun.

"Up in the trees they benefit from the shade and also if there is any breeze which they may not benefit from on the ground.”

One female wedged herself almost upright in the tree (Picture: SWNS)
It's possible the lions were trying to escape flies which can plague them (Picture: SWNS)

He said the lions could also have been trying to escape flies that can plague them.

"The first tree had one lion, the male in it,” he said. “The second tree had a lioness and her three cubs around two years old."

He added: "From childhood I have always had a strong fascination with nature.When I was given my first camera, it was no surprise that I focussed it on wildlife.

"I wanted to capture the beauty in nature."

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