Will Young ends feud with Len Goodman

If you cast your minds back to last winter, you might just remember a certain Will Young attempting a ‘Pop Idol’ moment when he was taking part on Strictly Come Dancing.

The singer had faced criticism from head judge Len Goodman, who commented that there hadn’t been enough Salsa moves in his routine.

Will ‘spoke back’ to the head judge.

Will tried to put Len in his place, only for the dancing mogul to snap: “turn up, keep up and shut up”.

The star quit the show a few days later, citing “personal reasons” although it was largely believed that he’d really left the competition because of his very public fallout with Len.

However, we are now pleased to report that both men appear to be letting bygones be bygones, with the duo spotted having a laugh and a joke during the Manchester leg of the Strictly Come Dancing tour.

Len is now on good terms with the star.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider dished: “Will decided to make a little visit down to the tour but didn’t want to make too much of a fuss about it.

“He joined the cast back at The Lowry Hotel after the show and was spotted laughing and joking with Len by the lifts.

“They shook hands and made up.”

Will sensationally quit the show after his Salsa was criticised.

Len previously admitted that he was only harsh on Will because the singer had dared to speak back to him, sharing: “I told him I would have liked to have seen a bit more Salsa content and he said ‘well there was 24 bars of recognisable’ and I said ‘well I didn’t see it’.

“I then said ‘turn up, keep up and shut up’. I was going to say ‘turn up, keep up and never give up’ because I had that in my head as a line for some time which would have been nice.

“But because he went on like that and I had that little line in my head it ended up as it ended up.”

Well, we’re just glad that the short-lived feud is seemingly over.