Wimbledon's strawberries and cream prices and rules for bringing your own drinks

A Strawberries and cream stall
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July is around the corner, the sun is out and Londoners are raiding the supermarkets for strawberries and cream. It can only mean one thing: it's time for Wimbledon. The pinnacle of the British summer and a standout event in the sporting calendar, the renowned tennis tournament in SW19 is about to kick off with viewers nationwide set to tune into the court-side drama.

Sure, the matches are the star attraction, but Wimbledon signifies more than just tennis. One of the key elements that characterises the tournament is, undoubtedly, strawberries and cream. This summer fruit and Wimbledon are inseparable - so if you're unfamiliar with this tradition, let us enlighten you.

Why strawberries and cream?

Given that it's the most esteemed Grand Slam in the tennis world, food and drink play a significant role in many spectators' enjoyment of the competition. Strawberries and cream is the most iconic dish, with around 190,900 servings devoured each year.

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Strawberries and cream
The snack has remained at only £2.50 since 2010 -Credit:Getty Images

According to Yahoo News, the primary reason for the dessert being served at Wimbledon is that the tennis tournament coincides with the peak British strawberry season in June and July. However, some historians offer a different theory. The Great British Mag traces its history back to "Thomas Wolsey, who was King Henry VIII's right-hand man, first serving strawberries and cream as a simple banquet dessert in 1509."

The site continues: "It was a quick recipe as the ingredients were easy to find and the steps were straight-forward... The dessert later became a dessert of choice when Wolsey hosted tennis matches at his palace. Eventually this tradition was passed down to Wimbledon."

How much are strawberries and cream at Wimbledon?

Planning to enjoy some strawberries and cream while watching a match at Wimbledon? They're a steal at just £2.50. It may well be one of the cheapest desserts on offer in London, as the price has remained exactly the same since 2010.

You'll find plenty of places to grab a serving within the grounds, and there's even vegan cream available on request. While you treat yourself to those sweet berries, you wont be splashing out too much cash. But if you fancy a pint of Pimms, be prepared to pay £9.80 for the privilege. It is, after all, still the iconic British summer tipple.

Can I bring my own drinks into Wimbledon?

If youre thinking of bringing your own refreshments to Wimbledon, keep in mind that while bringing a picnic and drinks is allowed, alcohol is limited. Each person can bring only one bottle of wine or Champagne (750ml) or two cans of beer (500ml) or premixed aperitifs each.

Take note though, hard-sided containers and large vacuum flasks over 500ml are banned, along with picnic hampers, cool boxes, flasks and things like camping chairs youll have to leave those at home.

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