The Winchesters boss talks show future and finale Supernatural cameo

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The Winchesters boss talks show futureEliot Brasseaux - The CW

The Winchesters season one finale spoilers follow.

The Winchesters' showrunner has opened up about where the show goes following that huge finale.

The Supernatural spin-off was revealed to actually be taking place in an alternate universe to the main show in its season one finale earlier this week.

Along the way, however, there were cameos from Dean himself Jensen Ackles, as well as Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Jack (Alexander Calvert).

Speaking about bringing back Dean, which saw a particularly emotional mention of "Sam", Robbie Thompson explained to Entertainment Weekly that he "got teary-eyed writing it".

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"Everybody made this joke on set and I'll go ahead and make it as well: Everyone kept saying, 'Wow, that Jensen guy has chops. I think he's gonna go places.' [Laughs]," he recalled.

"We always knew this scene was coming. We always wanted this moment. But he is such a special actor. And I don't think I realised how much I missed Dean Winchester, but there he is. We obviously had him in the pilot, but we didn't even mic him for sound. It was a tease, and this was a real scene."

Given the nature of being set in a separate universe, Thompson went on to tease that fans could "100 per cent" expect new versions of Dean and Sam in the future.

"And different versions of characters that we've seen before, maybe actors in different parts," he hinted. "I've said from the beginning to friends that have worked on Supernatural, I was like, 'Let me just get to episode 13 and then we're gonna blow the doors off.' [Laughs].

"We have a lot of different options. But look, I'll tell you, I know how I would like this series to end and there's a whole lot of stories that we can do within this corner of the Supernatural universe.

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"And yeah, you could eventually see a version of Sam and Dean down the road, if these two kids survive whatever torture we put them through, of course. [Laughs]."

The show boss went on to suggest the show lays the groundwork for a wider Supernatural universe, explaining: "We really thought that if we did this the right way, you could really open up the Supernatural universe for a whole lot of stories.

"There's so many more stories to tell and death has never, ever stopped those characters."

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