Wirral's best-kept secret is a tiny restaurant hidden inside a barn

Tucked away in the back farm roads of Bebington lies a stunning food haven not many will be familiar with.

Located in Claremont Courtyard, adjacent to Claremont Farm, a former barn has transformed into a cosy dining and event venue. To arrive at the entrance, you're tasked with travelling along dirt roads surrounded by high hedges and trees with very little signage. Ironic the name of the space is LOST because that's what you may be on your first venture.

When you finally arrive you'll know you're in the right place. A spacious courtyard welcomes drivers with LOST sitting perched at the top surrounded by dim glowing lights. The barn swaps farmyard aesthetics for a romantic atmosphere not dissimilar to a luxury location in the countryside. Stepping through the large glass doorway you can see the original features have been kept or reclaimed.

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LOST includes a feature stone staircase with a glass floor and a wrap-around mezzanine to create extra seating in the beamed loft area. Candles surround the perimeter on both levels with a number of chandeliers and hanging plants near but not directly bothering the tables. You notice the grandeur as soon as you walk in - Emmerdale's finest restaurant on steroids. It's classy but welcoming which is only accentuated by the smiling staff who welcome you at their post.

Explaining my booking to the host, she ushered my partner and me to our table on the top mezzanine overlooking the stairs. We were given the option of waiting below for a drink or moving straight on but we chose the latter. The venue is quite small but tables are spaced out enough that you're not bumping shoulders with anyone whether you're in a group or booking of two.

Unlike a traditional restaurant, the venue is only open for selected events and occasional private hire. The supper club offers guests-themed monthly menus such as Asian fusion dining or Latin American, with dishes taken from around the world, available for one night only. We chose the Mardi Gras event showcasing the best of Louisana home cooking but an equally tasty Greek theme caught our eye a month prior. If you're interested, a French menu is scheduled for May. Wine pairing is available or you can peruse the drinks menu for whatever you prefer.

I've never tried a New Orleans-inspired menu before so I admired everything at face value. The six-course menu was full to the brim with interesting feeds so we were very excited to tackle it. Up first was the homemade hush puppy with whipped sea-salted butter. Two cornmeal balls were placed in a ceramic pot to be eaten as finger food. They were warm and quite heavy starters that were equal measures sweet and savoury. The butter was a necessity and made them a little easier to digest but course one was full of flavour.

Next to be presented was a crayfish beignet with celeriac remoulade. If you read no further know this was my favourite dish of the night. The crayfish lay wrapped in a beautiful golden coat that would crumble instead of crunch, with a tiny dose of red amaranth on top. Slightly sweet and not overbearing, coupled with the creamy tangy remoulade, every bite together was fresh and revitalising for the taste buds.

I never expected to be served a burger but the third course arrived and it was exactly that. A po boy slider is next up and it's filled with soft-shell crab in a New Orleans sauced. It sticks out like a sore thumb visually from its predecessors but the American flag perched on top of the bun is adorable. It's purposefully fun and taps into the Louisanna style. It's difficult not to eat it in two bites because it tastes so fresh and juicy. The sauce was a citrus and mustard amalgamation tying everything together neatly. Following the bite-size burger was a lime sorbet palate cleanser paving the way for the main event.

The star of the show and main reason why we chose the night's theme was course five - a New Orleans surf 'n' turf. Cajun pork and southern fried catfish battle for your attention next to a healthy helping of collard greens placed atop bean puree and étouffée sauce. This dish blew the fine dining 'small portions' out the window as I had to give some of the greens to my partner because of the amount present. The catfish's finish was your classic, soft, deep-fried coat. My knife cut through with very little force. Upon tasting you're met with a hot explosion of pepper, cayenne and Cajun spices that make your mouth water. The pork was juicier and less intense in kick but melted in your mouth. Guiding the meat through the puree and sauce with every bite will have you finishing the plate off in the blink of an eye. There's a familiarity in flavours I can't quite put my finger on but I've settled for the home cooking feel you're given with a Louisiana menu.

To wrap things up was a Mardi Gras cheesecake which is more or less your standard cheesecake. It may have received the name because of its visual properties - striking green gradients with a gold leaf finish - but I couldn't pinpoint anything else to make it Mardi Gras except the raspberry sauce. Perhaps the Cajun predecessor impacted my taste buds but it was still tasty nonetheless with quite a healthy portion to boot.

My partner and I were full and satisfied. We already agreed we'd return for another supper club around course three. I actually can't wait to return if I'm honest. The atmosphere was cosy and quiet, secluded from the rest of the world in this tiny barn no one else knew about. There's even live entertainment throughout the night that paces the evening beautifully. The supper club being a blink-and-you-miss-it event with a menu never to return adds to the appeal. LOST knocked it out of the park - if you only dine out once a month then it should be here.

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