Woman, 29, Dies After Superbugs Attack Her Organs, Sending Her into Septic Shock

Ashley Timbery was rushed to the ICU where she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection that took over her organs

<p>Ashley Timbery/Instagram</p> Ashley Timbery

Ashley Timbery/Instagram

Ashley Timbery

A mysterious illness led to the collapse of a 29-year-old woman in Australia, prompting an urgent rush to the ICU where she later died.

According to Yahoo News Australia, Ashley Timbery was at her home in Nowra, located in the South Coast region of New South Wales, on Feb. 15 when she suddenly collapsed. Her brother promptly rushed her to Shoalhaven Hospital, where she remained for 10 days before being transferred to St George Hospital in Sydney, as reported by the outlet.

During her time at the hospital in Sydney, doctors diagnosed Timbery with a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. The Centers for Disease Control website explains that MRSA is a type of bacteria resistant to several antibiotics and is often transmitted through sharing personal items that have come into contact with infected skin, such as towels and razors. If left untreated, MRSA can lead to pneumonia or sepsis.

"It turned out she had a superbug that was attacking all of her organs, and then she got pneumonia, which ultimately led to her death," Timbery's cousin Shantelle Locke told Yahoo News Australia. "She actually died upon arrival at the hospital, so they resuscitated and intubated her immediately. She also had sepsis throughout her body."

Locke added, "Doctors seemed to think that she might have had the pneumonia for a few weeks before going to the hospital, but she never received treatment for it and obviously didn't realize she had pneumonia."

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<p>Ashley Timbery/Instagram</p> Ashley Timbery

Ashley Timbery/Instagram

Ashley Timbery

In the weeks leading up to the tragic health scare, Timbery's family informed the outlet that she exhibited no signs of serious illness apart from experiencing body aches and a few boils. Initially, her cousin didn't perceive these symptoms as alarming. However, Locke revealed that the situation quickly deteriorated.

"While she was at Shoalhaven, they had to insert a drainage tube into the right side of her lung because it collapsed, requiring intervention to reinflate it," Locke explained. "Then, upon her arrival at St George Hospital, her left side partially collapsed."

"The doctors showed us a CT scan of a normal lung, then they displayed hers — hers was riddled with holes," Shantelle continued. "This was a consequence of her lungs becoming obstructed due to pneumonia, and the bacteria beginning to inhabit the cavities within her lungs."

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Eventually, doctors contacted Timbery's family and delivered the heartbreaking news that she wouldn't recover. On Feb. 29, Timbery passed away. Locke revealed that the news came as a profound shock to her and Timbery's parents, who fondly described their daughter as "hilarious" and "fun-loving."

"We haven't really had time to process it. It's still a big shock to us all," Locke, who has also organized a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses, expressed. "Honestly, we're still trying to come to terms with it while also attempting to plan her funeral."

"Her mum is obviously shattered, but I think she just wants to lay Ash to rest and allow her to find peace," Shantelle continued. "She passed away last Thursday. It's incredibly tough for her. She's very fragile and under immense stress."

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