Woman accuses luxury real estate broker Tal Alexander and his brother of raping her while their third brother watched

Woman accuses luxury real estate broker Tal Alexander and his brother of raping her while their third brother watched
  • A woman accused broker Tal Alexander and his brother Alon of raping her in 2012.

  • In a lawsuit, the woman states that a third brother, Oren Alexander, watched the rape.

  • Two other women have accused Oren and Alon of raping them in separate lawsuits.

A woman has accused star real estate broker Tal Alexander and his brother Alon of raping her at a Manhattan apartment in 2012.

The accusation was made in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a New York state court. Earlier this year, two other women filed separate lawsuits accusing Alon and a third brother, Oren Alexander, of rape.

In the latest lawsuit, Angelica Parker accuses Alon and Tal of assaulting her in the fall of 2012 in their SoHo apartment while Oren watched.

Parker stated she met Oren in 2012 and "developed a brief personal relationship" with him. Parker says that in the fall of that year, she and a friend met Oren and Alon at the apartment at 543 Broadway.

The friend left after Alon began "groping her" and waited in a stairwell out of concern for Parker, according to the complaint. Parker's lawyer says in the lawsuit that Alon then orally and vaginally raped her and that during the vaginal rape, "Tal proceeded to forcibly orally rape Ms. Parker against her will."

Oren, "sat and watched as Ms. Parker was raped by his brothers," the complaint says.

Tal Alexander and Oren Alexander
Tal and Oren Alexander cofounded the luxury real-estate brokerage Official. Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Isabelle Kirshner, a defense attorney representing Alon and Oren, said the brothers denied the allegations in Parker's lawsuit.

"They are pure fiction," Kirshner said in a statement. "We look forward to presenting the facts in court."

Michael Willemin, Parker's attorney, said in a statement that the case was "intended to send a message that the law applies even to the very wealthy and well connected, including the Alexanders."

"We have no doubt that Angelica will prevail in this matter," Willemin said.

An attorney for Tal Alexander did not immediately return an email Tuesday seeking comment on the allegation.

Tal and Oren were among the biggest names in the lucrative business of selling high-priced homes. They also developed a reputation in the brokerage business for their aggressive approach in courting wealthy clientele and elbowing other brokers out of transactions.

Two years ago the pair broke off from Douglas Elliman, the brand-name brokerage where they had worked for more than a decade, and cofounded Official Partners, a firm that focuses exclusively on the uppermost tier of the residential sales market.

In March, two women in separate lawsuits filed in NY state court accused Oren and his identical twin brother Alon, 36, of rape. In one case, Rebecca Mandel said Oren and Alon met her at a Manhattan nightclub in 2012, spiked her drink, and invited her to a party at their apartment. When they arrived, the home was empty, and Alon and Oren held her down and took turns raping her, she said.

In the second lawsuit, Kate Whiteman said Oren and Alon whisked her away from a nightclub in a private car and raped her at a mansion in the Hamptons in 2012.

Evan Torgan, the attorney representing Mandel and Whiteman, said his clients felt "devastation" for Parker after hearing about her lawsuit.

"But they're really gratified that everyone's joining the fight with them as well," he told BI. "Hopefully, they'll get justice, and all the victims will get justice, and it'll finally come to a stop."

Oren announced last week he would take a "pause" from Official Partners while he defended himself from "these baseless civil claims."

"I am confident that through review of the extensive evidence, including text messages and other communications, that the truth will be brought to light," he stated.

Official released a message last Friday to its employees stating that Oren's brokerage license was severed from the firm "and the process of removing him from ownership is well underway."

A spokesman for Official Partners declined to comment on the newest lawsuit and didn't say whether Tal Alexander will remain at the firm.

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