Woman arrested as accomplice in Sunday homicide

Apr. 23—New Castle police arrested an alleged accomplice in the Sunday night shooting death of a man on the city's North Hill.

Police took Angelina Masi, 44, of East Moody Avenue, into custody Monday night. She is accused of driving the getaway car for the gunman who shot and killed 39-year-old Omar Hakim of Lincoln Avenue, according to city police Chief David Cumo. A criminal complaint identifies Masi as Hakim's girlfriend.

According to police reports, a gunman walked up to the green Chevrolet Tahoe and fired about six shots into it around 7:30 p.m. while Hakim was in the driver's seat. The car was parked near the intersection of Carlisle Street and Moody Avenue, according to reports.

Masi is charged with criminal conspiracy to commit criminal homicide. She was arraigned by District Judge Melissa A. Amodie, who committed her to the Lawrence County jail without bond.

Cumo said detectives are still investigating the identity of the reported gunman.

Police arrived at the shooting scene Sunday to find Hakim deceased and slumped over in the driver's seat with gunshot wounds to his face.

Witnesses reported a man wearing a red and black hoodie and black pants approached the driver's side of the Tahoe and fired several shots into the vehicle. The man then turned and ran.

One witness provided police with a video of the suspect vehicle leaving the area of the shooting. The witness said a gray Nissan SUV pulled up behind a Jeep that was at the scene and someone wearing a red puffer jacket got out of the passenger side and went to the back of the hatch, emerged with a gun then several shots were fired. The suspect fled.

Police learned the Nissan SUV was owned by Masi, who also goes by Angelina Carlucci, and was Hakim's girlfriend, the complaint states. While detectives were at the scene, Masi approached them and said she had spoken with Hakim earlier. When police asked her what time that was, she refused to answer more questions and said she wanted a lawyer "to protect herself," the complaint states. An officer confiscated her cell phone at the scene.

The report said Masi's son arrived at the scene and she also advised him to request an attorney. The police advised him the vehicle, a Nissan Pathfinder RockCreek model, was going to be towed and he refused to provide the keys, the report said. The vehicle was impounded, anyway, the court papers state.

The police obtained a search warrant for Masi's phone. But Masi and her son would not provide any statements. One of the detectives had on a body camera, which recorded Masi saying the police would never solve this unless she told them the two did it so they should make her a deal so she "can get out of here."

The police also viewed other surveillance videos that showed the man in the red puffy jacket and the Nissan Pathfinder. In one of them, police noted that the driver of the car was Masi/Carlucci.

Cumo reported that the Nissan when it left the scene after the shooting still had the door to the hatch open.

He said the investigation into the homicide is continuing and anyone who has information is asked to contact the city police at (724) 656-3588 or (724) 510-0125.

Suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty or adjudicated in court.