Woman boasts she looks better in her 50s than she did in her 40s thanks to 'self care'

Billie says she looks better in her 50s than in her 40s (stock image) -Credit:InYourArea

A 51-year-old woman has shared her secret to looking better in her 50s than she did in her 40s, attributing it to "self-care" and a dedicated fitness routine.

Billie, who shares her life updates on TikTok under the username @billiesteele_fit, began her fitness journey in 2021 and believes that her commitment to exercise is why she appears so transformed three years on. She recently posted a video comparing her past and present self to motivate others.

In the viral TikTok, Billie revealed that her first gym visit in May 2021 was filled with anxiety. Now, she's eager to encourage others to embrace a transformation if they're unhappy with their appearance.

The clip shows a before-and-after comparison, with Billie initially appearing without makeup, her hair up, and wearing glasses, captioned: "When you go from looking like this in your 40s". The video then transitions to "To this in your 50s", showcasing her with a full face of makeup and looking absolutely stunning.

Billie explained her transformation in the video's caption, stating: "I care about what I look like and I'm not ashamed to admit it. When I put on over 20 kg I stopped taking care of myself and I looked the worst I've ever looked in my entire life in my late 40s."

"When I looked bad. I felt bad. Three years ago I decided to lose weight and get healthy. The more self-care I gave to myself and the more weight I lost the better I took care of my appearance. When I look good, I feel good. I don't think that that makes me vain. It just makes me proud of who I am and what I've achieved in my 50s."

The transformation is a testament to her commitment to "self-care" she adopted during her weight loss journey. Commenters acknowledged her efforts, one even writing: "Hard work, consistency and determination pays dividends! You look stunning Billie! " Another chimed in, saying: "Not vain at all. I feel the same at 64. I work hard to be fit and healthy."

Not everyone was convinced, with some sceptical of the use of "filters" however, supporters were quick to endorse the results as a product of Billie's "hard work".