Woman Carries 52 Lbs. White Samoyed Dog in Backpack to Beat Rule on N.Y.C. Subway

Jackie Hornung has gone viral for riding the New York City Subway with her pooch Lumi in a backpack

littlebearlumi TikTok
littlebearlumi TikTok

Jackie Hornung is showing that some rules are just meant to be broken.

The New York City native has gone viral on TikTok for carrying her large white samoyed dog, Lumi, on the subway — with one video racking up a whopping 1.4 million views.

When asked why she does it by one of her followers, Hornung answered simply that "dogs have to be in bags on the NYC subway! So that's why he's in a backpack!"

A video posted to her @littlebearlumi account shows Hornung entering the subway with a large green hiking backpack containing Lumi on her back with his paws on her shoulders and his head sticking out to the side.

She also showed a brief clip of her holding on to a chair on the subway while she tried to balance with Lumi on her back.

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Lumi is between 1 and ½ years old and stands around 2 feet tall when on all fours, she recently told Newsweek. He also "loves being carried" and is "pretty calm" when sitting in the K9 sports sack, she added to the outlet — not least because he "gets a lot of pets, which he very much enjoys."

Despite his size, Hornung said the pup is surprisingly light, telling one commenter in the video that he was about 55 Lbs. When asked if his legs get "squished" while in the bag, Hornung responded that her bag was "pretty spacious" and had "a good platform at the bottom for him to sit naturally in."

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According to the Cornell University website, New York law states that "No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers."

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Working dogs with law enforcement or service dogs who have been trained to guide people with disabilities are exempt from this rule. Yet even people with service dogs must show "proof of affiliation with a professional training school" and that the animal is a licensed service animal, added Cornell University.

In response to the rule, several people have come up with creative ways to sneak their dogs onto the subway, including some who have put their dogs into an Ikea bag with holes cut out for the dogs' legs. Other New Yorkers have posted shots of them carrying their dogs in handbags and gym bags.

Lumi himself seems to enjoy the experience of touring N.Y.C. The pooch can be seen checking out several iconic landmarks including Grand Central Station, Central Park and Rockefeller Center on his Instagram page.

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