Woman climbs onstage to scold actress for convincing opera villain performance in China

A woman climbed on stage to scold an actress for her convincing opera villain performance in China.The troupe told the story of the 'Golden Flower Girl' to a packed theatre in Shantou, Guangdong province, on March 15.But the actress playing the hero's mean sister-in-law - Huang - was just a little too believable for one audience member.In one scene where the haughty sister-in-law beat a servant, one audience member couldn't stand it any longer.As the actors carried on she jumped her feet and began pointing at and heckling Huang's character.Then - after slipping off her shoes - she hauled herself up on stage to take her on face to face.The audience was only spared an impromptu fight scene when a stagehand ran on stage and persuaded her to take her seat again.Looking a little glassy-eyed, she jumped off the stage to the relief of the cast.The performing troupe's manager Zheng said that 'Golden Flower Girl' is a relaxed play where actors often interact with the audience.Seeing that the show continued on without a hitch Zheng hailed the woman's reaction as a recognition of the troupe's acting abilities.Huang admitted that viewers often yell at her character, but it was the first time she had been confronted on stage.She said she was a little flustered then, but the overall performance was not affected.