Woman 'considers calling the police' as sourdough starter 'explodes' over home

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A woman's attempt at creating a sourdough starter took a turn for the worse after it "exploded".

Sourdough starters are living cultures of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria that are used to make bread rise. You make them by combining flour and water, letting it ferment, and over time the yeast and bacteria feed on the mixture.

However this doesn't go swimmingly for everyone, and for social media user @ravenscimaven the experience was a horror show. She shared her plight on X, seeking urgent advice from her followers, and wrote: "So um...Soooooooooo my sourdough starter exploded out of a sealed jar in a matter of hours what do I do? ? ? It won't stop PLEASE HELP I'm afraid to open it and it's flowing out like crazy."

This alarming update followed her initial tweet on May 12, where she expressed enthusiasm about starting her sourdough journey, stating: "I'm about to get into the dough starter game. Any tips are accepted."

She continued to stress out in the thread, penning: "Can I make the bread with it ????????", "I'm about to call the police", "This is a national security threat", "PLEASE QUICKLY SEND ME YOUR SOURDOUGH RECIPES THIS IS AN EMERGENCY", "I feel like this isn't the hobby for someone with anxiety issues", and then asking: "Can I feed it to my worm farm?" After Googling it, she realised she could.

Later, she said: "I'm about to pop this thing open I feel like I'm about to set off a GRENADE", then she joked: "Why did I get a phone call from an unknown number and I thought it was my sourdough starter calling me on the phone."

Not wanting to waste it, she decided to bake bread "at 1am", even though she was "afraid tomorrow the dough is going to fill the entire kitchen."

Responding to her entertaining ordeal, one commenter suggested: "I'm afraid the kitchen belongs to it now. Just shake hands with it and walk away. Brick up the kitchen door and be happy you have the rest of the house...for now." Another praised it as the "best thread of the week".