Woman cries for help after hair tangles in electric whisk when making pizza

A woman has gone viral after pleading for help when her electric whisk became entangled in her hair as she attempted to make pizza.

The unfortunate home cook, Natalie, took to TikTok to share her awkward ordeal after trying to do a good deed for her neighbour.

Covered in flour and with the kitchen appliance firmly stuck in her blonde tresses, she exclaimed: "What do I do? What the f*** do I do?"

Visibly confused, she wandered around her kitchen before saying: "Oh I need to sit down, I feel like I'm going to pass out. All I was trying to do was make a f***ing pasta... I mean pizza.."

On the brink of tears, she recounted: "I said to my neighbour I'd make her a pizza - she said it sounds 'well nice'. It f***ing is, the whisk is stuck in my f***ing hair!"


Desperately, she continued: "What do I do? It's literally stuck. And the only way I know what's going to happen is they're going to have to cut it out. But it's giving me a f***ing massive headache and I don't know what to f***ing do."

At the time of reporting, the video amassed an impressive 8million views, with viewers torn between concern and amusement at Natalie's predicament. Among her 21,000 followers, one quipped: "Just asking for a friend... How good are the curls after? Would they be light an fluffy looking in texture?"

One individual quipped: "That style can't be beaten."

Another confessed: "I literally jumped in the comments section to help and died at the comments."

Having regained her composure, Natalie provided an update. Grateful to a follower who advised pressing the appliance's release button, she revealed the two whisks were still tangled in her hair.

After contacting the NHS' 111 service, doctors told her the only solution might be chopping her hair off.

She added: "My friend said she might pop in tomorrow she's a hairdresser to try and apply some oil and sort the mess out. If that doesn't work then oh my God. You know what... I need to focus on what I'm doing."

Natalie concluded by saying she hand-mixed the pizza dough in the end and it turned out to be "banging".