Woman Dressed For Shrek Rave Enjoys Brunch at Restaurant Beforehand

A woman dressed to attend a Shrek-themed rave in Chelmsford, England, stopped for bottomless brunch at a restaurant on the way, looking quite different from other patrons around her.

Scarlett Gladwin recorded this video of her friend on April 15, and told Storyful they were attending a Shrek-themed rave at Bar and Beyond. She explained the rave did not start until 4 pm, so they decided to go to a bottomless brunch beforehand.

“We all had Shrek or donkey ears on, but my friend decided she was going to go all-out and paint her face green. So, obviously, she had to attend the brunch with a green face,” Gladwin said. “There were a lot of looks, but also a few other fellow Shrek ravers at the brunch before! No one else with a green face though.”

According to the ticketing website, the rave was set to play songs from Shrek to “bring out your inner ogre.” Credit: Scarlett Gladwin via Storyful

Video transcript