Woman Experiences 'Love at First Sight' When Finally Meeting Granddaughter and Daughter-in-Law

An American woman said it was “love at first sight” on February 11, when she met her daughter-in-law and granddaughter for the first time after finally being able to travel to Bolgatanga, Ghana.

The beautiful moment was shared by Lisa Aydelotte, seen sobbing in the video as her son’s wife walked toward her with little Zuri in her arms.

Aydelotte told Storyful that her adopted son, Michael, took several trips between the US and Ghana since he decided in 2019 to pursue building a school in the village where he was born.

“In 2022 Michael returned to Ghana to put the final work into the school,” she said. “It was also during this trip he and his girlfriend, Claudia, got married and were expecting.”

Aydelotte tried to get to Ghana before Zuri was born, she said, but experienced delays with her visa.

“This is the first time I met my daughter-in-law, Claudia, and granddaughter Zuri.” Credit: Lisa Aydelotte via Storyful