Woman falls into vehicle inspection pit on garage CCTV

Footage shows the woman walking behind a red Nissan Micra at the London garage before tumbling several feet into the pit below.

Watch: Moment woman disappears into vehicle inspection pit - while looking at her car after MOT

It's been quite a week for unsuspecting bystanders' comical mishaps being captured on CCTV.

Days after a woman was recorded dangling from a shop shutter in Wales, now someone has been captured falling into a vehicle inspection pit while getting their car checked. The latest incident happened in London when an unfortunate driver was looking for a mechanic following an MOT.

Footage shows the woman walking behind a red Nissan Micra. She then appears not to realise the vehicle inspection pit is open - and plunges straight in. The woman, who is not being named, was left shaken but largely unharmed following the incident.

MOT centre owner Shaqib, who did not want to give his surname, said: "She was there to get her car fixed. She was looking for one of my colleagues to have a word.

"The tumble happened so suddenly that she wasn't entirely sure what happened - despite apparently being swallowed by the earth. She knows all of the staff well and she just wanted to chat. The whole thing happened so randomly I don't think she even realised what had happened."

The woman was uninjured despite a heavy fall. (SWNS)
The woman was uninjured despite a heavy fall. (SWNS)

Saqib says all involved took what happened with humour - and the woman had only minor bruises. He added: "She was hurt but she only had some minor bruises. It was just a funny thing. We were all laughing about it."

It comes after a woman was left flailing from a shop’s security shutters when she got her coat stuck. CCTV showed her outside the Best One store in Tonteg, near Cardiff, on Monday with her back turned. As the shop opened its shutters she was seen being lifted up into the air by her jacket which had become caught.

Luckily for the woman, the owner quickly noticed what was happening and rushed outside to help. He was seen holding her while someone inside lowered the shutter and brought her back to the ground. The woman was unharmed, although she appeared to be shaken.

The employees rushed to help. (SWNS)
The employees rushed to help. (SWNS)

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