Woman 'filled pushchair with food' as readers have say on Coventry Greggs hiring security

Greggs on Foleshill Road in Coventry
Greggs on Foleshill Road in Coventry -Credit:Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive

Readers have been left 'angered' by the new measures implemented at a theft-hit Coventry Greggs. Thieves are believed to be targeting the city-based branch in Foleshill.

Greggs said they have been forced to take action due to 'high levels of shoplifting.' Firm Lodge Security has been hired to combat thefts and anti-social behaviour which are believed to be plaguing the store on Foleshill Road.

Areas hit by thefts are likely to see 'additional security measures' in the coming months, it is understood. It is hoped this will stop people from 'stealing food and causing trouble.'

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Greggs said the measures have been implemented at a number of theft-hit stores in the West Midlands. Residents said they were 'shocked' at the need for the new measures with one describing them as a 'sad indictment of the times we live in.'

One said: “How sad. Time for all shops to go retro and put everything behind counters but this will never happen.”

Another commented: “Only one guard? What a sad indictment of the times we live in!

Greggs must lose millions per year nationwide. Not all who blatantly steal are doing it because they have no other option, some just walk in and help themselves for the sheer hell of it.”

Greggs has hired a guard at the theft-hit store on Foleshill Road
Greggs has hired a guard at the theft-hit store on Foleshill Road -Credit:CoventryLive

A third said: “Security is stood in the wrong place completely, they slide in when there is a massive queue, reach in for the sandwiches and drinks, and slide back out amongst the line of people. Staff are just oblivious.”

Many have agreed saying the issue is becoming more widespread across Coventry, with one person recalling what they had seen at a city-based Greggs. “I saw a lady walk in, fill her pushchair with anything she could, then just walk out and sit outside eating what she pinched,” they said.

Another said: “I just saw a lad rob loads of stuff at the new Greggs by CODE. I told the staff there and they just ignored it.”

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