Woman’s flight luggage hack to save money massively backfires

The travel tip saved her £93, but she spent more cash buying new items  (TikTok/@gouldstandard)
The travel tip saved her £93, but she spent more cash buying new items (TikTok/@gouldstandard)

A woman’s flight luggage hack to save money ended up backfiring, leaving her without essential items on holiday.

Traveller Faith Collins shared an idea on TikTok in a bid to avoid paying pricey luggage fees when flying with a low-cost airline.

In the video, Ms Collins is seen boxing up clothing, shoes and toiletries for an upcoming trip.

“Let’s see how much it costs to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 to Spirit Airlines”, wording across the TikTok post reads, before continuing: “It only costs $34.33.”

Impressed by the £93 saving, Ms Collins took essential belongings in a backpack as carry on, but had the rest of her luggage couriered by a postal carrier.

Several followers agreed that the hack was a savvy move.

One said: “My old neighbours used to do this when they travelled. They also ship their stuff home. Less to deal with at the airport.”

“I have totally done this too, no shame,” another wrote.

However, unfortunately things didn’t go to plan, and in a follow-up post, Ms Collins shares: “It’s time to address the package.”

She explained to followers that the luggage never arrived at her destination, and was instead returned to sender by FedEx.

”Unfortunately FedEx failed me,” Ms Collins says in the video.

Explaining that originally she was having the package delivered to a friend’s house, Ms Collins added that she later decided it would be simpler to pick it up from a FedEx location.

“I basically just thought that, in case it arrived late or something happened, it wouldn’t be sitting out on someone’s front porch, it would be safer at a FedEx facility nearby where I could come and pick it up” she tells followers.

She said that the carrier attempted to deliver her package to the FedEx location at 11.26am but at 11:28am it was “recorded as undeliverable”.

Explaining that the FedEx site didn’t open until midday that day and this was why it hadn’t been delivered, Ms Collins said the package then got sent back.

“You might be wondering what did I do without all my stuff I’d packed”, she continues, admitting: “I did end up buying a lot of new stuff”.

Users were quick to comment underneath, with one writing: “Use the post office next time.”