Driver fumes at 'unacceptable' council worker who glued parking notice to her windscreen

Danielle Robberts and the parking notice she found glued to her windscreen.

A woman was left raging after a council worker glued a parking notice onto her windscreen.

Danielle Robberts, 28, contacted police in an attempt to get them to open a criminal damage case against Dawlish Town Council in Devon after the incident.

According to Ms Robberts, she was forced to use an ice scraper to scrub off some of the glue but failed to get most of the notice off.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall police, however, said it did not constitute criminal damage since her windscreen hadn’t been cracked.

She had parked her Renault Clio Dynamique at the council-owned Manor House, a wedding venue, in Dawlish overnight on 3 September and returned the next day to find the notice had been glued down.

Workers from Dawlish Town Council reportedly glued the notice onto the windscreen. (SWNS)

A council staff member had blocked her in by parking behind her and glued the notice to her windscreen.

She said: “He was doing to it to prove a point that my car shouldn’t be parked there.”

She added: “I understandably lost my temper when they told me it [gluing the notice] was to prove a point.

“It’s totally unacceptable to do that to someone’s vehicle just ‘to prove a point’ rather than at least just putting the notice under my windscreen wiper.”


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Although drivers are banned from parking in the Manor House overnight, many leave their vehicles there because of a lack of nearby parking spaces.

Ms Robberts said she parked there as a last resort.

She said: “I had driven around looking and when couldn’t find one and as it was around 6pm decided that it would be okay to put it there just overnight.

“I knew the gates would be getting shut at around 7pm. I’m aware if I didn’t park there it wouldn’t have happened, but my point is how they dealt with it by damaging my windscreen and the utter spiteful actions of them.”

Danielle Robberts, 28, said she had to use an ice scraper to get the glue off. (SWNS)

A spokesperson for Dawlish Town Council said a “washable water-based adhesive was used to glue the notice to the car”.

He said Danielle’s car was blocked in due to a shortage of spaces because of Manor House bookings.

The spokesperson added: ‘When the member of staff moved their car as requested, the person used expletive language to verbally berate staff.

‘At this point staff declined to engage with the person any further.’

A Devon and Cornwall police spokesman said an officer will speak to the town council.

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