Woman killed by her two XL bully dogs at home in east London

<span>Police were called to Cornwall close, Hornchurch at about 1.12pm on Monday. </span><span>Photograph: Google</span>
Police were called to Cornwall close, Hornchurch at about 1.12pm on Monday. Photograph: Google

A woman has been fatally attacked by her two XL bully dogs at her home in east London.

The woman, who was in her 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene in Cornwall Close, Hornchurch, and the two registered dogs were safely seized having been contained inside a room, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan police said.

Armed police officers were among those who attended the woman’s home just after 1pm on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Met said: “Police were called to Cornwall Close around 1.12pm … to reports of a woman attacked by a dog.

“The woman was treated by medics from London ambulance service, but sadly she was pronounced dead at the scene. Due to the threat posed, armed officers attended. After assessing the situation, officers were able to safely seize two dogs.

“These were registered XL bully dogs and prior to officers’ arrival had been contained inside a room in the house. They did not leave the house at any time during the incident.

“The family of the woman, who was the owner of the dogs, are being supported by officers.”

From 1 February, it became a criminal offence to own the XL bully breed in England and Wales without an exemption certificate. Anyone who owns one of the dogs must have had the animal neutered, have it microchipped and keep it muzzled and on a lead in public, among other restrictions.

The government’s move to ban XL bullies followed a series of attacks on people. Footage of an XL bully dog attacking members of the public in the street in Birmingham, including a 11-year-old girl who sustained shoulder and arm injuries, prompted an outcry in September.

In the same month, it was confirmed that Ian Price, 52, had died after being attacked by two dogs in Stonnall, West Midlands, with police saying they believed the animals, both of which were killed, were XL bully dogs.

In November 2021, 10-year-old Jack Lis was mauled to death by a seven-stone XL bully dog called Beast. The owner received a three-year jail sentence.