The woman outed as the alleged 'Baby Reindeer' stalker says she felt 'used' in Piers Morgan interview, where she denied harassing Richard Gadd and called him 'psychotic'

  • Piers Morgan interviewed the alleged "Baby Reindeer" stalker for his YouTube channel.

  • After filming it, Fiona Harvey said she felt "used" by the presenter and claimed she was paid £250 for it.

  • "He did it fast-paced to catch me off guard," she said.

A woman who was outed by "Baby Reindeer" fans as the alleged stalker of the true-crime drama's creator and lead actor said she felt "used" by Piers Morgan in an interview about the Netflix series.

"Baby Reindeer" tells a fictionalized version of creator Richard Gadd's experiences with stalking, and has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in April. That month, an unnamed woman who was outed on social media as "the real Martha Scott" told the Daily Mail she was considering taking legal action against Gadd and Netflix for the harassment she has faced as a result of viewers trying to track her down.

On Wednesday, Morgan revealed he had interviewed Fiona Harvey, widely believed to be the woman first interviewed by the Daily Mail. Harvey appeared on Piers Morgan's YouTube channel on May 9 to address "Baby Reindeer" and the allegations that she stalked Gadd.

(Gadd has not confirmed whether Harvey was the woman he based Martha Scott on, though he did ask viewers to stop speculating on the identities of the real people his characters were based on.)

During the 54-minute interview, Harvey admitted that she knew Gadd when he was a bartender in London, and that she later learned he'd written a play about her when she saw reports about Gadd's "Baby Reindeer" show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Richard Gadd as Donny Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer."
Richard Gadd as Donny Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in "Baby Reindeer."Ed Miller/Netflix

But she claimed that Gadd has defamed her with the Netflix series, and she denied stalking him, before also stating that she did not send him over 41,000 emails.

"I don't think I sent him anything. There may have been a couple of emails, jokey banter, but that is it," Harvey told Morgan.

Toward the end of the Netflix series, Martha explains via voicemail that the "baby reindeer" nickname she gave Gadd (where the show gets its title) comes from a toy that she clung to during her difficult childhood. Harvey confirmed that she did have a toy reindeer when she was a child, and that she gave Gadd the nickname when they met each other.

But when asked about what she thinks about the actor and comedian, Harvey called him "psychotic" and reiterated her intentions to take legal action against both Gadd and Netflix.

"I wouldn't be suing if I thought there was 41,000 emails out there," Harvey added.

She also denied that she was ever in love with Gadd when asked by Morgan, and later claimed that Gadd had once propositioned her for sex, and she turned him down.

While "Baby Reindeer" has stayed in Netflix's global top ten for a month, Harvey said she hasn't watched the show and has no plans to see it.

"No, I think I'd be sick. It's taken over enough of my life. I find it quite obscene. I find it horrifying, misogynistic," she explained. "He's making money out of my misery. He's making money out of untrue facts. He's the ultimate misogynist."

Representatives for Gadd and Netflix did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.

Harvey later claimed that Morgan 'used' her during the interview

When speaking to the Scottish website Daily Record about her interview with Morgan after it was filmed but before it was aired, Harvey said: "I have my own thoughts on it that I'd like to keep to myself but I wouldn't say I was happy. It was very rapid to try to trip me up. He did it fast paced to catch me off guard."

Harvey claimed she was paid £250 for the 30-minute interview with Morgan, which she said focused heavily on the messages she allegedly sent Gadd.

"I said, 'Look, Even if I had sent some emails, it doesn't mean I'm guilty of the rest of the stuff. As I said, in order to bill something as a true story, it's got to be pretty much 100% true," Harvey said.

She also called out Morgan questioning her over her feelings about Gadd.

"It seemed to me that I was set up. I feel a bit used," she added. "He asked me if I loved Richard Gadd and I said 'you've got to be joking.'"

Morgan's manager did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It's not clear whether Gadd and Harvey have spoken about "Baby Reindeer," though Harvey claimed in her interview with Morgan that they hadn't spoken in years. But on Tuesday, the actor told an audience at a Q&A session in Los Angeles that he feels "toxic empathy" toward his stalker and doesn't see her as a villain.

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