Woman Pleasures Herself While Driving A Mini, Crashes Into A Van

A driver has been left red-faced after she crashed her Mini into the back of a van - while pleasuring herself.

The anonymous woman, who was stuck in traffic at the time, got a jolt from the blue when her car suddenly lurched forwards and hit the M&J Seafood van in front of her.

Described as “fit” and in her 30s, the woman swapped details after the accident - but it wasn’t until van bosses checked the footage from the camera at the back of the vehicle that they noticed what caused the crash.

The woman had been using a sex toy on herself, possibly to alleviate the boredom of traffic.

A source told Gloucestershire Echo that the van driver was worried about getting the sack as the accident happened on his first ever shift for the company.

They said: “The bosses told him it wasn’t his fault and then said ‘Have you seen this?’.

“He was like 'what the ****’.

“They all had a good laugh. Apparently the lady was pretty fit.”

Despite a lot of requests, M&J Seafood are refusing to release the video, saying the matter was in the hands of their insurers.

Wonder if they have policies that cover for what that woman was up to…

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