Woman pulls knife on security guard, then hits him with bag that had pigeon inside

Adam Forrest
Laurie Weaver had a pigeon in her bag: Fairfax County Police Department

A woman who hit a security guard over the head with a bag containing a pigeon has been arrested in northern Virginia.

Laurie Weaver, 56, also pulled a knife on the guard and threatened him with it, according to Fairfax County Police.

The unusual incident began at a social security office in Fairfax on Tuesday morning, when Ms Weaver was seen yelling at workers.

The New York state citizen is accused of hitting the facility’s security guard with her bag after he approached her in an attempt to calm her down. The woman drew the knife on the official as he escorted her outside.

It was only after the guard closed the door and called the police that the pigeon was discovered.

The officers who arrested Ms Weaver opened her bag and found the small bird inside.

Ms Weaver, from the state of New York, was then charged with unlawful attempted wounding.

Pigeon discovered inside the bag (Fairfax County Police Department)

The pigeon was found to be unharmed after the attack, but was taken to a local animal shelter as a precaution.

Ms Weaver could still face other charges related to the bird. A spokesperson for Fairfax County Police said: “The pigeon will be returned to the wild after the investigation is complete.

“Animal Protection Police are being consulted regarding other possible charges.”

The police force described the case as one of its “stranger calls” on Twitter.