Woman raging as husband 'doesn’t cook' but eats her leftovers with no apology

Man Looking Inside Fridge Full Of Unhealthy Food. Smiling
If there's one thing that makes people angry, it's being hungry with no food left in the house! -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

We've all been there.

Anticipating some lovely leftovers in the fridge, only to open the door and find they've already been snaffled by someone else in the house! It's a very irritating feeling – and one woman knows it all too well.

The frustrated lass took to social media to complain about her husband, who kept on munching food left behind in the kitchen. What really tipped her over the edge was her hubby happily chows down without actually contributing to the cooking.

So at her wit's end, the woman took to Reddit's 'Am I The A**hole' forum to ask for advice. She wrote: "Yesterday I (27f) got upset because I had pizza leftover for myself in the fridge that my husband (32m) ate after he said he didn't want any when I went and got it. We argued while I passive-aggressively cooked myself another meal.

"For context, we've been having a lot of issues, one being 'dinners'. I did and still do a lot of the cooking and grocery shopping for us. In the past, I've asked why he can't shop, cook for us more, help me cook, or at least do the dishes when I cook.

"He says that he doesn't care about eating dinner and would like to eat less because he's obese, so I should cook for myself and not expect him to cook or dish wash.

"I want to clarify that he is not obese because of my cooking. I cook well-balanced healthy dinners. He gets pizza or fast food almost every day and has a sweet tooth. Of course, at first, I wanted to help him be more healthy, so I started cooking for myself and getting groceries just for myself."

To make matters worse, he often leaves her with no snacks too. So when she came home to see the pizza gone, it was the final straw.

She continued: "Yesterday I complained that not only did my leftovers disappear, but now I have to cook for myself AND for the person who ate it and who doesn't pitch in.

"He says that I had a valid argument; that he should cook more. But apparently, that argument has been watered down by me selfishly complaining that he ate my pizza because 'Again, we can literally get more pizza'. I said the arguments are related - you should cook more OR not eat my pizza when you don't cook. Am I wrong to give him s*** about eating my pizza or food in general?"

After the woman asked for advice, people weighed in with their opinions. And many agreed that her partner had an "all take and no give" approach to life.

One commenter said: "Disrespect, but he also sounds really lazy. If he's going to eat her leftovers, he can do the dang dishes now and then."

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