Woman shares 'amazing' hack to make huge Yorkshire puddings thanks to old kitchen staple

Creating the perfect Yorkshire puddings can be done by using one recycled food packaging says foodie (stock image)
People think the woman's hack for giant Yorkshire puddings is 'amazing' (stock image) -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

A woman has impressed roast dinner enthusiasts with her clever and cost-effective trick to make giant Yorkshire puddings. The debate over the perfect roast dinner, including how much gravy is appropriate and whether a Yorkshire pudding should be included, is a hot topic in the UK.

Everyone has their unique way of savouring this British classic, from cooking a turkey in an air fryer to enjoying a roast at work or even filling your Yorkies with jam. However, most would agree that a Yorkshire pudding should be crispy and fluffy.

One woman has gained online fame after revealing her method for creating the perfect, giant Yorkshire pudding. While many use muffin tins and trays for the ideal Yorkshire pudding shape, @J2onyabike on X suggests there's no need - as she uses an old Fray Bentos tin.

The renowned British brand is famous for its easy, convenient meals, packages its popular meat pies in large, round tins. Products like the Fray Bentos pie, corned beef and Scotch broth are staples of British cuisine. After enjoying a meal, @J2onyabike repurposes the tins for cooking. On X, she posted a photo of her giant Yorkshire pudding, perfectly sized and shaped thanks to the recycled tin.

She shared on social media: "I told my brother about Fray Bentos tins to make Yorkshires in and he didn't believe me...he does now."

The post quickly went viral, garnering thousands of reactions. One user commented: "Definitely going to try that myself." Another chimed in: "I might have to try this. Effectively a free pie dish."

"Cracking idea," another user agreed. An impressed X user exclaimed: "Good lord. That's amazing." Others described the hack as "amazing" and "awesome".

"That's how my parents used to make them back in the '80s/'90s," one person reminisced. Another shared their alternative use for the iconic tins: "Good for cleaning chains and bike bits in. Best to rinse it well afterwards before cooking the Yorkshires."

One nostalgic user added: "Good excuse to buy a Fray Bentos pie, I haven't had one for years and I did like them."