Woman shares 'best' homemade grout cleaner that removes stains in minutes

Cleaning grout
You can make your own grout scrub at home using a few simple ingredients -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getting grime out of grout can be a nightmare, but have you thought about doing it with a homemade cleaner?

Grout is what seals the gap between tiles and if neglected, it starts to collect dirt, stains or potentially even mould and mildew. If it isn't cleaned thoroughly, these filthy stains can not only look unsightly but also create unsanitary conditions and over time, damage your tiles.

Cleaning grout isn't always easy, particularly if neglect has led to tough dirt build-up. That's where Jayden Copeland, cleaning guru and founder of Back Road Bloom, comes in - she has shared her "amazing" homemade grout cleaner recipe which uses all-natural ingredients.

She wrote: "I don't like to be too dramatic, but this is a miracle. Okay that's dramatic, but I just want you to know this homemade grout cleaner works SO WELL."

Jayden confessed that living in her home for two-and-a-half years, she didn't realise how much muck had embedded into her tiles until she attempted cleaning the grout and found the dark staining almost impossible to shift, the Express reports.

She told her followers: "You guys, it was baaaaad. Like worse than I even thought... didn't know how bad it was until after I cleaned it. Like I said, it is a white grout, but it was honestly looking close to black (maybe a dark brown? ! )".

After numerous attempts using different ways, Jayden found the ideal way to lift ingrained grout stains. She'd created her own DIY solution using everyday ingredients already in her home, and it's simple to recreate.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 220g grams of baking soda

  • 120ml of hydrogen peroxide

  • Two tablespoons of soap

  • A small or medium-sized bowl

  • Handheld scrubber brush or toothbrush

How does it work?

Baking soda is mildly abrasive, which makes it ideal for removing dirt without causing damage to the surface being cleaned.

Jayden explained: "Baking soda is an awesome, all-natural cleaner. I love using baking soda in all of my natural, DIY projects. It's non-toxic, safe, and effective."

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a disinfectant and is often used as a natural alternative to bleach, while dish soap is effective at cleaning grime and grease, giving your homemade cleaner an "extra boost."


To whip up this homemade grout cleaner, combine two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part baking soda in a bowl, then add two tablespoons of dish soap.

Mix well and then apply a small amount of the cleaner to the grout between your tiles. Jayden advised: "A little bit goes a long way! You don't need to get a bunch on the tile, but do try to make sure all of the grout is covered."

Then let the homemade solution sit on the grout for around five to 10 minutes. Jayden stressed: "Don't skip this part because this is how the solution works."

Once the time is up, give the grout line a good scrub. After a few scrubs, you should see the dirt lifting off the tile and the grout becoming white again.

If the tiles are on the floor, sweep up the dirt from the grout and then mop the floor. If the tiles are on the wall, wipe it down with soapy water and then dry it with a towel. Your grout should now be sparkling clean again.

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