Woman Sparks Debate Over Friend’s ‘Insane’ Wedding Registry, Which Includes 15 Airline Gift Cards

“I saw what he put on there and was appalled,” the woman wrote on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of bride and groom


Stock image of bride and groom

A woman is sparking a debate over what's reasonable to put on a wedding registry after revealing her friend’s extravagant list.

The woman took to Reddit to share her thoughts on the requests from her fiancé’s childhood pal, who she calls Josh, in his wedding registry. Posted in the Wedding Shaming subreddit, the woman thinks their friend is asking too much of his wedding guests — especially since he's already having a destination wedding in Italy.

“He had told me they don't want gifts because they already have house things and they just want cash, so I told him to just set up a honeymoon fund and put it on the website,” she wrote, while noting she offered to help set up the wedding website. “I did not know he was going to ask for that much or itemize it like that.”

According to the post, the registry includes two $5000 “contribute what you wish” honeymoon funds, four $1000 honeymoon resort funds, a $3000 flight fund, 10 $100 and five $200 Delta Airlines gift cards, 10 $200 gift cards, $3000 for two months of home expenses, $25 Zola gift cards and five $500 contributions to legal fees.

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While the woman noted the man’s soon-to-be wife is from Italy, and they need to cover the fees for her move to the U.S., she called the other items “greedy and crass.” She went on to share that when her fiancé’s parents received their invitation, it contained a QR code linking to Josh’s Venmo, in addition to the registry,

“I saw what he put on there and was appalled,” the woman wrote, later adding, “My fiancé's parents are rich and Josh has a history of... I don't want to say mooching, but let's just say although he is not a regular social media user he always makes sure to post pictures whenever he's invited to hang out at one of their nice vacation properties.”

She continued, “I sometimes wonder if this is all he values my fiancé for."

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Reddit users had mixed opinions on Josh's elaborate wedding registry. “I see nothing wrong with a honeymoon fund,” one user wrote. “There is just a more tactful way of doing it.”

Another person added: “They should just hide the total amounts. That's what's making this seem 'greedy' to people.”

One user even did some math, “Minus the last item of gift cards, this would be $27,500? What the what? Btw, '2 months of home expenses' hahahahaha yeah no. The audacity.”

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