Woman spends £10k on breast surgery - but is left with 'wonky boobs'

Helen Young has forked out £10k over 13 years on breast augmentations -Credit:Helen Young / SWNS
Helen Young has forked out £10k over 13 years on breast augmentations -Credit:Helen Young / SWNS

A woman has been left with 'wonky boobs' after spending £10,000 on breast surgery - completely shattering her confidence. Helen Young, 48, underwent her first breast augmentation in 2005 to increase her size from a B-cup to a D-cup following the birth of her second child, which she felt left her breasts 'deflated'.

The implants she chose were known to be more susceptible to rupture and health complications, leading the clinic to offer a free replacement in 2009.

However, by 2010, Helen noticed a 'severe' indentation in her left breast and despite repeated attempts to contact the clinic over 13 years, she claims she was 'fobbed-off' and they 'refused' to respond to her calls and emails. It wasn't until she reached out to the CEO on LinkedIn that she was able to speak with the team again.

Helen paid an additional £4,800 for the clinic to correct her breast, but the situation only 'got worse', with the breast appearing 'larger' and 'wonkier' than before. Now, Helen is urging the clinic to rectify the issue that has cost her £10k and left her feeling far from feminine.

Her confidence has plummeted, and she no longer feels comfortable undressing in front of her husband, Andrew, 29. She shared: "I don't feel feminine - my confidence and my spark has gone. I don't get undressed in front of my husband, Andrew, anymore. He sees me cry most nights and can see the toll it's taken on me mentally and physically.

"I should be proud to be able to go out and dress up but instead I live in baggy clothes. I begged and stashed to afford the private surgery and I can't afford more I need them to fix it."

Helen managed to save enough for her first set of implants at a private clinic back in 2005, which cost her £5,500.

The procedure initially seemed successful until 2009 when it was revealed that the type of implants Helen had received, PIP implants, were prone to rupture and could cause symptoms such as pain, tenderness, and swelling. She was then offered replacement implants free of charge, which is when she says her problems began.

Helen recounted: "I had my second surgery and then a year later, one day I just woke up and noticed it. Out of the blue there was an indentation in my left breast and it looked wonky."

After noticing the issue, Helen sought assistance from the clinic but claims she spent the next 13 years trying to get a response from them.

She explained her frustration: "I had a certificate of care with them, so I felt stuck and continued contacting the clinic. But they weren't listening to my calls or my emails. I phoned and emailed and no replies from them or responses for nearly 13 years. That's why I messaged the CEO on LinkedIn - I was desperate."

Helen was finally connected with a patient manager and underwent consultation with a surgeon at the clinic. She claims to have paid an additional £4,900 for corrective surgery in July 2022 to rectify an uneven breast - this involved a breast augmentation and an uplift procedure.

However, Helen alleges that her breasts became 'worse' post this third surgical intervention.

She elaborated: "My breast ended up larger and noticeably wonkier than before. I don't believe I had the uplift - it doesn't look like I did. If I had known last year that when I had the surgery to fix me, I'd end up a lot worse than I would have to begin with, I wouldn't have done it."

Owing to the odd size of her breast, clinicians advised her to opt for a mammogram and ultrasound on the NHS to rule out cancer, which thankfully were all clear. Helen, who can't afford another private operation and is ineligible for coverage under NHS as she went down the private route, is now banking on the clinic to offer a free remedial solution.

She seems to be hitting dead ends on her quest for further surgery though, as she recounted: "They had offered to fix the breast, but lots of surgeons have refused to operate due to risks around scarring and blood supply. Now it's looking like my case with them is closed and no one will help me.

"I don't feel like they are upholding a certificate of care they promised. I feel so stuck."

Helen, first had surgery to increase her breasts from a B-cup to a D-cup in 2005
Helen, first had surgery to increase her breasts from a B-cup to a D-cup in 2005

This ordeal has left Helen feeling unable to engage in social activities, with her confidence severely affected, she even refuses to undress in front of her husband Andrew Young, who works as a concrete plant supervisor.

Helen urges others considering cosmetic surgery to thoroughly research before proceeding. She shared: "I've had friends that have done it and they look absolutely fantastic. I can hide scars, but I can't hide the breast difference. I feel less than a women and I just want my life back."

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