Woman transforms life after shedding 10st from home without gym or any diet

Liza Marie has shared how she lost 10 stone without dieting or going to the gym (stock image)
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A woman revealed her secret to shedding an impressive 100lbs in a year - without resorting to fad diets, rushing to the gym, or calorie counting.

Liza Marie, from Pennsylvania, US, spent years "trying every diet but failed" and confessed she was "the biggest girl in any room she walked into". The TikTok star admitted to "emotional eating" and feeling "always disgusted" with herself. She would "never" want to be photographed and felt uncomfortable getting dressed.

When the Covid-19 lockdown hit in 2020, Lisa decided it was time for a significant change. Despite having "no guidance or support", she started making small changes to her daily habits in hopes of feeling better. This small step "completely changed" her life, body, mindset and career.

Sharing her journey on her TikTok @lizamarie_fit, Liza received an overwhelming amount of support - her videos garnered over 17 million likes. Her remarkable transformation led her to become a fitness and nutrition coach.

In her own words, Liza said: "I know it sounds cliché, but there was a time when I felt like I had tried everything to lose weight. For most of my life, I hid beneath baggy T-shirts, trapping my body and my confidence. I was desperate to feel normal."

She confessed: "When I embarked on this journey, I had no idea it would be my journey that I was going to completely overhaul my life and my body, my mindset and my freaking career. It just so happens that I did all of those things along the way."

Pasquale, who now runs her own coaching business Liza Marie Fit, managed to shed an impressive 10st. She revealed on social media a whopping 100lbs of her weight loss was achieved at home, simply by walking. For two months, she made a commitment to walk for at least 20 or 30 minutes every day. Liza's initial goal wasn't to drop a tonne of weight but to feel healthy and comfortable in her own skin.

She admitted: "I've tried everything in my life to lose weight, every single diet I attempted and failed because I strived for perfection in everything. I expected immediate results, I over complicated things, I held myself to such a high standard that it was unrealistic.

"If you're looking to lose weight and you don't know where to start, hear this - I lost 100lbs at home before even stepping foot in a gym. I lost 140lbs in total but 100lbs in one year were shed at home. I want you to understand the power of walking is immense and I want you to know that walking was the number one thing that helped me lose the weight."

Liza Marie began her weight loss journey by increasing her daily step count to 8,000 and committing to drink more water every day. She also started scheduling home workouts and ensured she was in bed by 9pm for adequate rest and recovery. Instead of adhering to a strict calorie count, she decided to cut back on fast food and started preparing more home-cooked meals. Liza wanted to establish these habits before joining a gym.

The determined woman shared on her website: "It was hard. Some days were more difficult than others, but I stuck with it and progressed over time."

She revealed: "I didn't get to the gym until I lost 100lbs at home following these habits," she explained on Instagram. "And I didn't start tracking my food until around six months into my journey. Weight loss is not an overnight transformation. It's a series of small decisions, individual choices made over and over."

Now, she uses her experience to help others struggling with weight loss through a habit-stacking approach. Her initiative, Liza Marie Fit, aims to help women build confidence and create healthy, sustainable habits "that actually last".

Liza concluded: "You don't have to do everything-you just have to do something.

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